Custom 4 Step Fit Process


Stride & Running Form Analysis


Most people have never seen themselves walk or run. The Running Lab video analysis is a two view video analysis that allows our staff to review your gait, foot, alignment, and pronation. We capture 30-45 seconds of video while running or walking on a treadmill to review with you on a computer screen and play back frame-by-frame. Our trained staff reviews the entire process with you allowing you to see firsthand how your legs and feet interact. Through this process you will understand how proper shoes will improve your walking or running.

This is a free analysis for everyone, with no appointment necessary. No special clothing or preparations are required. We encourage everyone, even if you’ve been fit before, to come in today! It’s easy, and free!




Examination of the foot while walking/standing




Testing range of motion




Measuring the foot




High speed video analysis