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Hoka Arahi 7

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Hoka Arahi 7


The Hoka Arahi 7, one of the most aesthetically pleasing shoes around. A zonally engineered, flat knit upper which locks in your foot accompanied by Hoka's J-Frame technology and a dual gusseted tongue and you got yourself a very super secure stability shoe ready for any run, everyday wear, or like I preferred to use it, the pickleball court. 



Support: Stability

Weight: 9.9 oz / 282 g (men), 8.1 oz / 228 g (women)

Stack Height: 37 mm in the heel, 32 mm in the forefoot (for men) 34 mm in the heel, 29 mm in the forefoot (women)

Midsole Drop: 5 mm

Cushion Level: Mid




Sidney: “We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off.” Guided by the arm rests, you are locked into that seat ready for take off. This is how my feet feel in the Hoka Arahi 7. Locked in, not going anywhere, ready for whatever the flight (or run) throws at me. The arm rails of the plane resemble the secure feel of the sides of this shoe. Although it features the J frame and no medial posting it does feel a bit firmer on the medial side in the arch. Providing a good amount of support if you’re someone who likes that feeling. 

While running, there isn’t much give to this shoe. I found it feeling super stiff and firm underfoot. It does make for a snappier feeling ride than some gooey soft shoes. However, I do feel a little constrained like the shoe just won’t move with me. If it was a touch more pliable maybe we’d have something. 


Shannon: Adding yet another stylish shoe to the stability game! The sleek new Arahi 7 has an amazing color way, not a bulky look to it, and max support to aid you in everyday life. This shoe is vacuum sealed onto your foot, you are not getting any sloppy feel to it, this shoe literally becomes apart of you. Now coming with max support, unfortunately there is no max cushion. Hitting the road with this shoe was not filled with comfort like the Gaviota 5, but more of a firm and stiff feel. This shoe does not move with you, it keeps you locked in, not letting you foot make the slightest shift. Making the foam a little softer may entice me to like the shoe a bit more, but on the run I need something with a bounce.




Sidney: I would say the upper of this shoe is the biggest win. Honestly, it is my favorite part since I’m not a huge fan of the firmness of the shoe everywhere else. The upper isn’t as stretchy as I would ideally want it but it is quite supportive and aesthetically it’s beautiful. Going along with the crazy support the midsole of this shoe offers, if you’re looking for max support this is your shoe. You are locked in from every angle.


Shannon: Best part of this shoe is that it slips on like a glove. This is Cinderella with the glass slipper. It doesn’t have a crazy width like some of their other shoes, which I do like but some days it can feel sloppy. With the Arahi though, you get a more standard width, just enough room to wiggle your foot around a little, but not enough to feel like you’re swimming. It is a little bit harder to tie this shoe than others from the updated upper, but because of that, you are 100% laced into the shoe, no heel slipping out. 




Sidney: Now, I said if you’re looking for max support this is your shoe but if you’re looking for max cushion, this is not your shoe. This shoe is firm. Not only is it firm, it doesn’t get much softer even as you run. I am a soft shoe lover, I’m talking, gooey foam, pliable mesh upper. That being said, this shoe did not tickle my fancy. The firm cushion with the overall stiff feel wasn’t very comfortable for me on runs. So, I decided to take it to the pickleball court. A court shoe’s purpose is to support you all around and reduce the risk of injury. Since the Arahi 7 has more of a rigid sole and less pliable upper it is very successful in holding my foot in place as well as supporting my ankle when I am moving quickly forward and laterally in pickleball.


Shannon: One, two, maybeeee three miles in this shoe was alright with me, but anything past that, sorry but no thanks. Now some strength/cardio workouts I do where there is a lot of lateral movement, I am 1,000% grabbing this shoe for it. It holds my foot, I’m not worried about not being supported, it gives me the firmness I need to feel balanced for my workout moves, and I have been loving it for that. It not being a flexible shoe, gives me everything I need for this movement. My feet don’t end up achy at the end of the workouts like they do with other shoes I have tried for this. Overall, I have found that I like it more for casual wear, and strength training rather than running my miles in it. 




Sidney: I’m gonna be honest and I’m gonna preface this by saying sorry Hoka, this shoe is not it for me. Hey, you did good with the dual gusset though, I’ll give you that. The tongue is locked in, just like the rest of the shoe.

Have you ever wondered what Flint Lockwood’s spray on shoes in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs felt like? Well this is it. 


Shannon: It’s a sound shoe overall. Max support, fits your foot, true to size, connected to your body, just lacking that touch of softness that I crave in every shoe. The shoe is great if you want and like a firm, glove-like shoe but if you want something to knock long miles out, I would recommend something other than this shoe. 




Sidney: The Arahi 7 is quite the stability shoe. Even the most severe overpronators will find support in this shoe. It makes you feel like you are locked in, ready to blast off. Although it wasn’t everything I like out of a shoe I can see the person who would like this shoe and as I’m not for everybody, this shoe may be for somebody. We can’t win ‘em all. If you’re looking for max support and don’t want that arch to fall even a millimeter, this shoe will hold you up for miles (as it doesn’t soften or break in that easily). I have seen this shoe give a great amount of support to many people, it definitely does the job well as a stability shoe.


Shannon: There’s a reason this is a stability shoe. It doesn’t allow for much over pronation. Your ankle isn’t moving. Your arch doesn’t shift with the shoe because it has that firm feel. I understand the customer that Hoka is marketing to for this shoe. Am I that customer? No. Have I sold this shoe to that customer? Yes I have. As a stability shoe it works amazing, and that is the main task trying to be accomplished. Could there be adjustments made? Sure, but that goes to all shoes as well. 


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Sidney despised running her entire life until a doctor told her she wasn't allowed to run. A switch flipped and now she still can't stop years later. With an abundance of shoes and always being constantly on the move, she's fairly knowledgeable in the shoe game. 

Favorite shoe: New Balance Vongo v6 



Shannon is always looking for her next adventure. Between teaching yoga, coaching lacrosse, and training for a trail race she is always zooming around waiting for the next thing to say yes to. 

Favorite shoe: Hoka Clifton 9


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    Hi Denny! I just read your blog and I am confused by this credit card charge that you are referring to. Could you explain that for me so that I can better assist you?

  2. Denny LaGrow Denny LaGrow

    Was not informed when we bought two pair of shoes there was a charge for using a credit card. Had I known I would have paid in cash.

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