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New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4

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New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4


A completely reimagined Rebel with even more foam, more propulsion, and even less weight. If you are a previous fan of the Rebel, the version 4 surpasses all its predecessors by far. A fantomfit upper allows for breathability without compromising structure. A fat stack of Peba-blended FuelCell midsole gives us the opportunity to wear this lightweight shoe for miles without compromising any cushion. 


Support: Neutral

Weight: 7.7 oz / 218 g (men), 5.3 oz / 150 g (women)

Stack Height: 30 mm in the heel, 24 mm in the forefoot

Midsole Drop: 6 mm

Cushion Level: Mid




Jen: Looking for a shoe that you can put on and not have to think about it? Look no further than the new Rebel V4. No break in period was needed and my first run was 5 miles on road. A smooth and easy ride left me feeling very happy. 

Keith: The New Balance Fuelcell Rebel v4 has just about everything going for it. It is soft, bouncy, breezy, light, and comfy. I normally have a decent rotation of road shoes that I go through for a marathon training cycle, but this time around I keep grabbing these, even for my long runs. The cushion to weight ratio makes it easy to enjoy these shoes anywhere. I had a blast doing 800m repeats at the track and I was pleasantly surprised that I never felt a lack of softness or support on my longest run so far in them at 16 miles. 




Jen: Oolala is all I can say about the new look. I mean, it is actually sexy!! The geometric laser cut foam screams "put me on". 

Keith: In a 10.5, I felt just the slightest bit of rub and irritation on my second and third toes. The toebox has plenty of width, but I will go up a half size in my next pair. The Fantomfit upper feels a little bit stiff at first but softens quickly and is super breathable and light. There may be some risk of irritation on the outside of the ankle if you have a bony calcaneus. The Rebel stays super secure on the foot though, and some of the little things I felt could have possibly bothered me when I first put it on disappeared on the run.




Jen: From the moment I put the shoe on I was intrigued. The past models of the Rebel have been somewhat of a let down. I have been waiting for New Balance to make this improvement and here it is! The base of the shoe has been widened compared to other versions which definitely looks and feels more stable. I have put about 300 miles on the shoe and each time I slip it on for the day it feels just like it did fresh out of the box.

Keith: The cushion!! It's incredible! New Balance nailed the new blend of EVA and PEBA foams to create the midsole for the Rebel v4. It feels a little more solid than the previous Fuelcell, which makes it feel more protective and supportive, yet it gives so much back in terms of bounce and energy. Not only is the cushion material itself great, but the shape and platform they created with it is superb as well. Flip the Rebel v4 over and look at how wide the midfoot is to give runners of all different footshapes a great ground contact and balance. The forefoot landing area is massive and feels so smooth on impact, that it is enjoyable for tons of miles. 




Jen: If someone were to ask if I feel speedy in this shoe, I would say you bet ya! The Rebel has become my go to shoe for speedwork or when I want something light underfoot but still cushioned. I also love to wear it at work when I am on my feet all day. The roomy toe box and depth of the heel cup makes this shoe very unique from the previous versions. I am able to put my orthotic in and still have space for toe splay with no heel slip. I personally prefer to do 6 miles or less in the shoe but I have seen others do more.

Keith: I honestly would use the Rebel v4 for anything. Speedwork is super fun and comfortable, long runs feel a little faster and easier, and I'm tempted to save my money when it comes to racing shoes, as the Rebel would do just fine holding its own in a 5k or even a marathon.

The Rebel v4 is cushier and faster than any of its predecessors. A shoe that used to be good enough for some speedwork and lower mileage training is now vaulted into true do it all in style territory.

The closest comparisons I have for the New Balance Rebel v4 would be the Asics Novablast, Saucony Endorphin Speed, Brooks Hyperion Max, and the Hoka Mach. 




Jen: I think this new update has been what New Balance has needed for this lightweight model. Given that I have fitted many people in the previous versions and could visually see how unsupportive they were, I am confident that the version 4 is a slam dunk. The upper is more durable and the cushion continues to be soft but more stable. 

Keith: This is, hands down, the update of the year for me so far. The Rebel v4 has been upgraded everywhere, and I love the fact that I can enjoy the experience of a shoe that provides this type of performance without a plate and at any mileage I feel like going for on any given day. It should be a go to for track stars and marathoners alike.


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Jen Crutchfield

Jen is seen here with her favorite, Mak. When Jen is not with Mak, she can be found running on the trails training for the next ultra she is ready to tackle. 

All time favorite shoe: New Balance Leadville



Keith won his first ever cross-country race as a 7th grader... and then didn't win another one until he was 35 years old. A pro at coming in 2nd or 3rd at local 5k's, Keith just really loves the competitive yet cohesive relationships he makes through running.

All time favorite shoe: Altra Torin 4


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