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Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

When Saucony introduced the Endorphin series last spring, the Speed quickly became a fan favorite as a lightweight plated trainer for workouts, races, and even everyday running.

Luckily for those fans, the Saucony Endorphin Speed remains mostly unchanged with a minimal, upper-only update. 

The cushion and nylon plate on the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 remain the same as the first version, the same with the drop and overall shape of the shoe. This model has a touch more padding on the tongue and pull-tabs on the heel and tongue, improving its out-of-the-box feel. 

Similar to the new Endorphin Pro, Saucony tweaked the heel cup in the newer version of the Speed 2, resulting in a snug, secure fit. 

This shoe is for someone looking for a light, fun, high-energy trainer that they can push the pace in. Once the runner gets moving, the SPEEDROLL technology launches the runner onto their toes and into a fast, efficient transition. 

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

SUPPORT: Neutral
WEIGHT: 7oz/200g women's,  7.9oz/225g men's
USE: Racing, tempo run, speed workout, everyday trainer
SURFACE: Road, track

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2



Ken: The toebox fit in the Endorphin Speed 2 seemed very similar to Speed 1. As my experience was in the Pro, the Speed has almost identical improvements. I felt the upper material used in the toebox and the rest of the upper was more durable than the Speed 1. No fit issues in the toebox for me. I have a very boney medium-width foot bordering on narrow.

The midfoot was the classic lockdown feel that I loved in the Speed 1. They seemed to change nothing about the fit in the midfoot and I was ok with that. Great lockdown and comfortable fit.

Just like the Pro 2, I felt the biggest change in the shoe came in the heel fit. This change was less noticeable than the Pro 2 heel fit but it did get more secure around my heel. The Speed 1 had a great heel fit already so if they did not change a thing I would have been ok with that too.

No fit issues with length. Spot on TTS. 

I have said this before but the Saucony Endorphin Speed is something magical. It has managed to accomplish what many shoes have not; have a perfect blend of cushioning, responsiveness, and flexibility to handle slow all the way up to blazing fast. The cushioning feels protective and long-lasting. Every time I put this shoe on it feels ready to go no matter what I throw at it.


Keith: The toebox is roomy and nonrestrictive. Especially for a shoe in this category. It is deep enough that I could wiggle my toes a bit. Saucony continues to improve their shoes fit using FORMFIT. The midfoot is totally locked in! It wraps my foot like it was made for it, feeling supportive in both the arch and lateral side. The heel cup has been shored up with a firmer heel counter. It still feels a little bit wobbly when standing or walking, but man is it springy!! That unstable feeling goes away when running and was a non-issue for me. The new pull tab is a thoughtful little add-on making the Speed 2 easier to pull on. The tongue is gusseted to stay in place and added padding makes it nice and plush. Saucony added a pull tab here as well to make it easily adjustable to lock-in that fit when lacing up. Overall the upper is thin, breathable, and light. It's not the softest material by any means. It is, however, roomy in the right areas so contact points are kept to a minimum. There is just enough structure to keep the foot well supported and cradled firmly in place.

The centerpiece of the Endorphin Speed 2 is the PWRRUNpb midsole. Saucony did an incredible job blending a soft enough cushion into a lively and reactive running experience. I like that this shoe doesn't completely squish under my foot. It is firmer than some of its superfoam counterparts which provides unbelievable pop off the pavement. The full-length nylon plate adds to the responsiveness, but also allows a bit more flexibility than carbon, making it a preferred option for training miles. Then there is the SPEEDROLL technology, which is really just an extremely aggressive forefoot curvature, constantly launching the runner onto their toes and creating a fast, efficient transition.

Runs true to size and I was able to go with my standard 11

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2



Ken: This shoe does not feel as stable as the Pro 2 but that is only because of the difference in plates put into the shoe. The nylon plate has more give to it but my foot never felt compromised in it. The first couple of runs in my Speed 1's I felt some tightness and soreness in the medial side of my right leg but that quickly went away with some foam rolling and more running in the shoe. It doesn't have the most stable arch area and if you have any kind of excessive pronation or medial weakness in the foot or leg, you should either add an insole or skip this shoe altogether.

Keith: When standing or walking, the heel of this shoe feels wobbly. It is definitely not meant as an everyday walkabout. But, when the pace is picked up that unstable feeling goes away and there is no chance you will be spending much time on your heels anyway! My runs felt plenty stable, but I would stick to smooth roads and track with these.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2



Ken: As mentioned in my previous post about cushioning, this shoe could easily be a daily trainer for all types of workouts. The nylon plate gives a perfect blend of flex and response for the miles you throw at it. I recommend for anything slow up to race day if you didn't want to spring for the Pro as a race-day-only shoe.

Keith: This shoe can easily tackle speed intervals on the track or your next marathon PR and everything in between. This shoe performs best when pushing the pace and will definitely feel best on more intense training days.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2



Ken: I would compare this most to the Pro 2 (which I also said speed in my pro review) only because these shoes share the EXACT same midsole. The only difference in these shoes is the carbon plate (Pro 2) and the nylon plate (Speed 2). The fit of the shoe is almost exactly the same too.

Keith: The closest comparison I have experienced is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, with their DNA Flash midsole that also provides a firmer ride. The Endorphin Speed 2 is more lively than the Brooks and I also feel like I could handle more miles in it. Other close competitors include the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel 2, Hoka Mach 4, On Cloudboom, and Nike Tempo Next%.


Ken: Speed 2 is a very minimal improvement to Speed 1. I almost cannot tell a difference in the uppers. With this being an upper-only change, speed 1 lovers can rejoice that this shoe remains mostly unchanged for another year.

Keith: Those who loved the original Endorphin Speed can rejoice!! The changes to Speed 2 are minimal, leaving the overall experience feeling consistent. The Speed 2 does get a little stiffer heel counter, making it slightly more stable in the heel than the original, but only slightly. I was happy that I did not notice a difference in the feel on the back of my foot. The toebox looks like it got squared off a little giving it a roomier feel than version 1, which I know I enjoy. The pull tabs on the heel and tongue are thoughtful add-ons, giving the slip-on feel an improvement. There is noticeably more padding in the tongue which makes the whole upper feel more plush and comfy. There are some new diagonal overlays that run both sides of the shoe. I didn't hear many complaints about the durability in the original, but these seem to give the shoe a little more structure and helps to wrap the foot more securely.

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2


Ken: As I stated above in other portions of my review, this shoe does it all. When I step out on the pavement with the Endorphin Speed 2 my stride immediately feels light and quick with its turnover. It's rare when I can only throw one shoe in my bag on vacation as the "do it all" shoe. This shoe is it. I have not had many of those over the years. The last one that could do that for me was the Newton Distance 3 and that shoe came out in 2014...

I would recommend this shoe for the neutral, small to medium frame runner that wants a lightweight Swiss Army knife shoe for their training, and most likely, race day shoe. I highly recommend the Endorphin Speed 2.


Keith: I really put these shoes through their paces and every run was exciting! I took a couple of easy runs first to soak in and savor the feel of the PWRRUNpb and SPEEDROLL and the ease it provided to my stride. Then it was time to have some fun with it, so I hit the track for some speed intervals. The spring in this shoe is so pronounced and it only felt better the harder I pushed! When going the distance in the Speed 2 I really appreciated how beautifully tuned the midsole is. It never felt so soft that I was crushing it under my foot and I felt rewarded for each step I took with a jolt of energy that catapulted me into the next one. After 16 miles I still loved these shoes and I felt like they loved me back!

This shoe is for someone looking for a light, fun, high-energy trainer that they can push the pace in. It is a perfect marathon or half-marathon training shoe and is a great option on race day too. Especially for those who shy away from the $200+ price tags of most of the carbon racers out there.


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38 year old
Wears men's size 9
I have 20 years of experience in the athletic shoe industry. I have worked for Dicks Sporting Goods in my early days, I was a sales rep for New Balance in the running specialty division, and have owned my run shop Running Lab for 10 years in Brighton, MI. I find myself enjoying mountain biking lately but have been running since I was 12. I have completed distances from 5k all the way to Ironman. I enjoy the challenge of helping customers find the perfect shoe for their particular stride or needs!

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37 year old
Wears men's size 11
Running has always been a part of my life. When I was younger it was mainly a way to stay in shape for soccer; running track in the off-season as a way to train hard and stay competitive. I liked it, but it wasn't until my first marathon in my late 20's that I really fell in love with running. Since then I have completed 7 marathons and a 50-mile ultra while also competing in countless 5k, 10k, and half-marathon races. I enjoy running just about anywhere except the treadmill. I prefer trails in the woods to the road and my favorite spot is the Corsair Trail System in the Huron National Forest near East Tawas, MI. I also frequent the many trails we have in Southeast Michigan. I currently work at Running Lab and have worked there for a total of just over 2 years. My favorite thing about running is that it can be super competitive yet the running community is so supportive of each other.


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