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Saucony Guide 17

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Saucony Guide 17


The Guide 17 stands out as your ultimate cushioned companion for daily runs, presenting Saucony's innovative CenterPath Technology. This groundbreaking stability solution offers a wider platform, elevated sidewalls, and an asymmetric profile, all meticulously designed to shepherd your stride. The Guide 17 seamlessly guides your foot throughout every step, mitigating fatigue and bolstering injury prevention along the way.



Support: Stability

Weight: 9.4 oz / 269 g (men), 8.1 oz / 232 g (women)

Stack Height: 35 mm in the heel, 29 mm in the forefoot

Midsole Drop: 6 mm

Cushion Level: Mid




Shannon: The Guide 17 is, I would say, a HUGE shift from the Guide 16. This lightweight, roomy, and cushioned stability shoe is the perfect shoe to take out on a moderate - long run, or even just a shoe to pull on recovery run days when you're looking for some extra support. The update of the PWRRUN+ sockliner and the use of Sauconys Centerpath Technology creates a plush and stable run.

Due to only having the PWRRUN+ sockliner, I will say that I do not find this shoe to be very responsive. The foam stays the same throughout your whole excursion so it is dependable to be comfortable, but the energy return is lacking for me. I do have a concern that once that PWRRUN+ liner is taken out or beat down, you've lost a good chunk of your cushion from there. I have very much enjoyed this shoe so far on all of the runs that I have taken it on with me, just not a shoe for me on speed/tempo runs or race day. From Saucony trying to cut weight on this shoe, there is a loss of grip from rubber on the bottom of this shoe, so stick to clear roads and not any other terrain or it may feel a bit slick.




Shannon: The upper construction of the Guide 17 is a standout feature. Saucony has employed a breathable mesh material that not only keeps my feet cool and dry but also provides a roomy fit. I love having more room in my toes, and this shoe definitely gave me that. This shoe does run true to size, while not fitting too snug anywhere. I never found my toes going numb or being cramped. I will say, the tongue of this shoe seems to run short and I found the top of my foot getting sore from the laces hitting my skin. But overall, I got plenty of room in the toes, width feels nice, and I didn't find my heel slipping around in this shoe, just the pesky short tongue that needs to be pulled up a few times.




Shannon: Running some of my longer miles in this shoe for the past two weeks has honestly been a pretty comfortable ride. Now with that extra cushioning, I did find that getting into my later miles that my feet felt a bit weighed down in this shoe. From the first moment of putting on the shoe, it does feel lightweight, but in my opinion, that feeling becomes short lived. It does help guide your foot into that neutral position. This shoe's stability aspect comes from your heel sitting a little bit lower than the side walls to help prevent overpronation.

This shoe is like your trusty sports bra. It's comfortable, supportive, and doesn't let you down. Just like you don't want your sports bra to allow for a lot of movement, the Guide 17 keeps your ankle supported to help keep overpronation from occurring. Like a sports bra that adapts to different body shapes and activities, the Guide 17 adapts to your unique stride and running style, providing reliable support and cushioning.




Shannon: Grab this shoe whenever you've got that long run, recovery run, or maybe just an easy run. If you're looking for comfort, this shoes got it. Looking for support? This shoes got that as well. Got an 8 hour shift ahead of you, boom you've got the Guide 17 to slip on for the day. This shoe can be used for SO many things, you won't be disappointed with grabbing this one. You for sure get your money's worth on this one.




Shannon: The Saucony Guide 17: the shoe that's like having a personal GPS for your feet! These shoes will keep you on the right path, whether you're running a long run or maybe just trying to find the nearest coffee shop, you've got cushion and guidance for whichever path you take.


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Shannon is always looking for her next adventure. She loves trying new things and keeps herself busy teaching yoga, coaching the Brighton High School girls lacrosse team, taking classes at Eastern Michigan University to become a high school English teachers and of course running. She loves to connect and help others, and hopes that she can combine her knowledge of yoga and recovery steps to teach student athletes to take care of themselves.


Favorite shoe: Hoka Clifton 9


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