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Altra Experience Wild

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Altra Experience Wild


Experience Altra's signature FootShape fit featuring a 4mm drop with the Experience Wild. Lightweight and grippy, you can rely on this shoe to navigate you around the trails. A trail shoe made to handle whatever you throw at it, whether you're in it for the long haul or ripping it fast through the trails. 



Support: Neutral

Weight: 10 oz / 283 g (men), 8.7 oz / 246 g (women)

Stack Height: 30 mm in the heel, 26 mm in the forefoot

Midsole Drop: 4 mm

Cushion Level: Mid



Shannon: Right now I am in the midst of just enjoying being outside, and being on the trails as much as I can. This shoe has been my favorite shoe to put on to hit the trails. It is so plush and comfortable, I can go out on a 10+ mile run and not feel pain from wearing a shoe for a longer amount of time. I always like to wear a cushioned sock and since those are always a little thicker sometimes shoes can feel a bit cramped, but because of the wider toe box in this shoe, I have never felt my toes being cramped at all. I have plenty of room in my toes which is a number one priority for me. Being able to be such a soft shoe, and still be able to feel the ground underneath you to have control over your body on the trails is very important so you dont twist an ankle or trip over a root or rock, and I have found myself feeling very supported, stable and in control of where I am going in this shoe. I have also taken this shoe out on the roads and it has been very comfortable there as well! 




Shannon: Just like the FWD Experience, this shoe does run a tad short on me. When running trails I like to wear a little bit of a thicker Smartwool sock, so when getting this shoe I went up a half size to make sure my toe would never hit the top of it. The toe box gives me plenty of room, I can move around just the right amount without it feeling sloppy. The overall fit of this shoe is great! It's plush, comfortable, roomy and very stable. I haven't had any ankle rolls in this shoe on the many trails I have hit so far from receiving it. I love the way that Altra has put some extra cushioning on the inside of the back heel so you really feel connected to this shoe. The mid-foot has more cushion than I expected, but it does not make me feel less connected to the trails. 




Shannon: This shoe really is the dream trail shoe for me. If I am going to be on my feet for many miles, I want something comfortable and this shoe has been it for me. I usually wear my Hoka Speedgoats, and I have found that the plushness in the Wild is a bit more than the Speedgoat and I love having that extra boost of cushion to keep my feet happy. The rock in this shoe is also something that I really love. You can truly feel the ease of running in this shoe because of its geometric shape that creates a smooth, quick, roll through your stride. From Altras signature FootShape fit you get a roomy toe box with a secure fit around your midfoot to hug you into this shoe with no slippage. Altras MaxTrac outsole could be a little bit more grippy for me. I have found myself pulling this shoe on days where the trails are going to be dry and have no mud. I am concerned if I were to wear this shoe on a day where trails will be muddy, I would slip a lot. That being said, since the grip is not extreme, I am also able to wear this shoe for some miles on the pavement which I have also loved. 




Shannon: The cushion, the stability, the toe room, everything about this shoe has been sprinkles on top of a delicious chocolate sundae. This shoe is great for long trail miles and shorter road miles. It has great grip for normal trail conditions, if there was rain the night before, maybe be a little hesitant but just try to avoid big piles of mud. Honestly, there have been no issues for me with this shoe. I am curious to see how the comfort of this shoe keeps up for all the miles I will be putting onto them. Is it going to break down and lose the plushness, or will it last? Guess I need to put some more miles in and check back in with you guys! 




Shannon: If you are an experienced trail runner, a new trail runner, or a hiker, come try this shoe! This is all around a great shoe for anyone who is looking for something comfortable to run in and tackle the trails. I love this addition to the Experience collection for Altra. I had been on the hunt for a trail shoe like this and Altra answered my prayers. I am curious to see the longevity of this shoe, but for now I am going to soak up all the feels and continue to enjoy the trails! 


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Shannon is always looking for her next adventure. Between teaching yoga, coaching lacrosse, and training for a trail race she is always zooming around waiting for the next thing to say yes to. 

Favorite shoe: Hoka Clifton 9


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