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Altra Lone Peak 8

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Altra Lone Peak 8


The good ol' trusty Lone Peak. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Altra listened and kept this OG shoe just as good as the previous version. With some minor changes to the upper providing you with extra durability and the roomiest toe box your foot will stay happy throughout your entire run. 


Support: Neutral

Weight: 10.7 oz / 303 g (men), 9.1 oz / 259 g (women)

Stack Height: 25 mm

Midsole Drop: 0 mm

Cushion Level: Mid




Keith: All my runs in the Lone Peak 8 are no nonsense affairs. This is a good thing out on the trails, where I like to feel at one with the earth under my feet. To me there is not much in this shoe that takes my mind off of the task at hand, so I like to use it for my mid-distance, easier efforts. It doesn't feel extra plush, but it does feel protective, and it gives me confidence on any type of terrain. The grip is excellent, leaving me feeling sure-footed, especially on my downhill blasts, and rocks and roots are of no concern with the tough rubber and rockplate providing a nice layer of armor. To me, the Lone Peak 8 gives me what I need in a trail shoe and not a ton extra, which makes it a reliable option I can keep in my trunk, just in case I happen upon a fresh trail to explore!




Keith: The Lone Peak 8 boasts the best toe box in the Altra lineup, by far! There are no worries here about my piggies getting all smashed up or blistered. I feel free to breathe, splay, and flatten my foot out as much as I want to in this shoe. The overall fit is on point, too. It is secure in the heel and midfoot from the get-go and cups the heel to feel supported and stable. No ankle rolls, thank you! My size 10.5 gave me ample room and length, so go true to size in your own pair. 




Keith: It's hard to think of fancy terms or metaphors to describe the Lone Peak 8's cushioning, because it is not fancy, or bouncy, or pillowy, it's just enough to go thrashing through the woods knowing that your foot will come through unscathed. Maybe it's like an old school Jeep Wrangler, in a world where a lot of other trail shoes are trying to be like Land Rover's and taking the ruggedness out of trail running. 




Keith: The Lone Peak 8 excelled for me as my everyday trail companion. It's not particularly light and bouncy and I'd say there probably is a maximum distance I would be willing to go in it, but, when a shoe fits this good and is this balanced, it covers a wide range of uses. When I'm heading to the woods to train, I don't have to stare at my options and decide which shoes I'm going to run in today. I just keep the Lone Peak 8 with me and know I can go anywhere in it.

To compare it to some of the other trail competitors out there, it would go nicely against a Saucony Peregrine or Brooks Cascadia, maybe a Hoka Torrent and definitely the Topo Terraventure. Being that the Lone Peak 8 is that 0-Drop, wide toe box option in this category, anyone that likes space will prefer it to the others. When comparing the Lone Peak 8 to previous versions of the shoe, I'd say it is continuing a pretty solid legacy. Other than some sizing issues in the past, the Lone Peak franchise has been Altra's most consistent and steadfast. The upper is the biggest update of the newest version and it is well designed and very functional. It is durable and good at keeping the elements out. It even kept my foot pretty dry during some soggier and snowier runs. 




Keith: The Lone Peak 8 is solid! Altra didn't change much from the 7 but they did make some small thoughtful updates. I love it when a brand realizes they have something good, and they don't jump the gun on new technology or trends. It's like the Lone Peak was that really good team that just needed one more piece to get over the hump, and they sign that top free agent! It's going to make for a fun year outdoors.


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Keith won his first ever cross-country race as a 7th grader... and then didn't win another one until he was 35 years old. A pro at coming in 2nd or 3rd at local 5k's, Keith just really loves the competitive yet cohesive relationships he makes through running.

All time favorite shoe: Altra Torin 4


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