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New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v14

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New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v14


No matter what your routine looks like, there isn't a shoe that caters to it quite like the 880. The Fresh Foam X 880v14 represents a step forward in consistent performance, offering exceptional cushioning underfoot and a well-built, supportive upper. For every run and every day the 880v14 is sure to get the job done. 



Support: Neutral

Weight: 8.5 oz / 241 g (men),  7.4 oz /  210 g (women)

Stack Height: 29 mm in the heel, 21 mm in the forefoot

Midsole Drop: 8 mm

Cushion Level: Mid




Jacob: This shoe was such a godsend for me! I have had a few different iterations of the 880 in the past, and am happy to see New Balance tweak a few important aspects to this shoe to make it a huge success. This is such a lightweight feel compared to past models, and I felt like I barely had a shoe on at all! I felt like I could run a quick training run with these without the shoes ever feeling heavy! The pure cushion of this shoe was the most surprising part. I felt that New Balance was able to use their fresh foam effectively to not make the shoe ooey gooey soft to make it unstable, but still enough cushion to make my foot (especially my heel) feel like I was in a luxury suite with the softest carpet in the world. Also, I am not much of a style person when it comes to my running shoes, but the 880v14 is a very sleek and refined looking design. I feel like I could wear these to the Met Gala and leave for a 6 mile run afterwards. 

Kris: I took this shoe for its first spin on my favorite trail. The trail was coated in sections of ice and snow but the shoe handled it perfectly. It felt light and easy to run in and even as I ran fast at the end, the shoe never felt out of control, just a bit too soft.

I have never ran in a pair of New Balances before. Since I started learning more about shoes and the different brands, NB has really stood out to me. Their Boston history and the whole “chicken foot” philosophy is very interesting to me, I always love the “why” of one shoe design compared to the others.




Jacob: The shape of the shoe was snug, but flexible. The toebox material was a mesh material, as the shoe felt like it wrapped around my foot to give me a secure feel, but leave me room to wiggle and move my foot to my heart's content, like my mother giving me a hug. The tongue, compared to the older model, feels a touch more padded and not rubbing in any uncomfortable ways. The heel cup was a very welcoming part of this shoe! It felt a tad more narrow than the older models, and makes my heel feel like its padlocked into the shoe. My only complaint would be the size fitting. I am normally a 10.5, but I could feel my toes hitting the top at times. I'd recommend going up a half size max. 

Kris: The shoe has a roomy feel. I like the roomy toebox of Altra and Topo and it was not as roomy as those two but more room than some alternatives. The heel cup was comfy yet secure enough to hold my heel centered on the cushion of the shoe. I love the upper, it was nice and snug when I laced it up and then expanded nicely around the bulk of my foot without increased pressure on the top of my foot as I stretched my toes then returned to original shape. 




Jacob: The cushion would be the first thing I would bring up about this shoe to someone who is interested. Anything with the "Fresh Foam X" label on it is a certified classic soft squishy option guaranteed. New Balance has done a great job over the years refining and crafting their Fresh Foam to the current state its in in the 880s, and I believe it's the strongest entry yet. Imagine if you were at a restaurant and picked out something from the menu because it was a lower calorie option, and you figured with the lower calorie option it would not taste as rich due to them cooking it healthier or using less butter. Then you receive your food and it takes exquisite! That is how the cushion was for me with this shoe! For this lighter weight shoe to be as cushioned as this is absolutely incredible and not something the industry seems to be leaning towards as we travel into 2024 and beyond. It is a smaller based shoe, but for a mid weight neutral shoe, I find the shoe to still be stable. 

Kris: The shoe felt softer than I expected. I usually wear a Brooks Ghost so it was a different feel for sure. I felt like this shoe was stable until I reached some bigger miles. This is because my ankle gets a little sore and the soft cushion doesn't help me. 




Jacob: When I look at the 880v14, I think of two big uses for them. The first would be a good daily training option due to the lighter weight feel, cushioney base, ect.. The second would be for daily wear. I have worn these to the movies, to walk in the park, and hanging out with my friends, and they leave my feet feeling as good at hour 10 as they were in hour 1. I would not consider this shoe to be a speed shoe by any means, but I do feel like I could rip out a faster mile during a tempo run. Mileage wise, I would say this shoe would be best for longer distances thanks to the cushion, so I'd say anywhere from a 5k to a marathon! Comparing it to its predecessors, the version 14 is lighter than anything that has come before it. It cuts down weight, drop, and makes the overall step smooth like gravy. The most apt comparisons to this shoe from other brands would be shoes like Brooks Ghost 15, Saucony Ride 17, Diadora Nucleo, and Altra Torin 7. 

Kris: I’ve only been a Lab Rat for a couple of months so I was very excited to find a new pair of the New Balance 880v14 with my name on them to test and review. My first impression was that they looked cool and matched what I was wearing at the time. Put them on immediately and finished my shift wearing them and felt they were at least comfortable for several hours running around the store.




Jacob: This shoe gets a 9/10 for me, mainly due to how many boxes it checks off for a shoe I am looking for. Lightweight, good soft cushion, comfy upper, stable, smooth walk. The upgrades to this shoe is immense and I am here for it. The only thing about this shoe I would change is the length. It is just a touch too short for me, I would recommend going up just a half size from your normal size to help.

Kris: This shoe looked as good as it felt, I look for function first but this shoe has function, comfort, looks and the shape that blends in instead of standing out. It felt very light and just the right amount of added width for the stability I like. 


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Jacob is arguably one of the biggest sports fans you will ever meet and you can always count on him to make everything into a competition. Outside of running, Jacob also loves basketball, despite the Pistons breaking his heart every night.

All time favorite shoe: Nike Pegasus


Kris is our honorary triathlete slowly drawing us into the bike world. When Kris began working at Running Lab, Toni mentioned a 50k and Kris (who didn't completely love running) responded "I'm in!". He's now addicted to the trails and strives to become an ultramarathoner. 

All time favorite shoe: Brooks Launch


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