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On Cloudmonster Hyper

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On Cloudmonster Hyper


Tall stack height, efficient ride, and foam full of energy, this is what makes a super trainer a super trainer. Did On make the super trainer name proud?

On's traditional CloudTec midsole paired with Helion HF just under the forefoot cushioning and springing you forward with an insane energy return gives the Cloudmonster Hyper its name. 



Support: Neutral

Weight: 9.3 oz / 265 g (men), 7.4 oz / 210 g (women)

Stack Height: 37.5 mm in the heel, 31.5 mm in the forefoot

Midsole Drop: 6 mm

Cushion Level: High




Blake: Every step in this shoe was just generally comfortable. I ran it over 5-6 times before I felt confident enough to speak on this shoe and it's truly stellar. Slightly heavy but still light for how much the Hyper has going on inside of it. I would say the foam did start to break down fast as most monsters do but over time felt more solid due to the Pebax cushioning in the forefoot. I found the shoe to be more responsive and usable when I was running longer miles, as I got tired this shoe was able to help carry me through my run which I loved! It is quite curve-lasted while still having more filled-out midfoot than most ON models this is a vast improvement of the typical ON fit. 

I enjoyed running in this shoe way more than the Cloudmonster 1 and any other On models I have tried on or run in. Even at the top of On’s game, I wouldn't say that it was much more comfortable than most other options in its category. As I was so excited to run in this shoe, it was a slight disappointment overall. This mostly comes down to how clunky the shoe feels in the forefoot. While more responsive, the discrepancy between the heel and forefoot doesn't feel extremely smooth. Still is not uncomfortable. 

If I were to describe running in the Hyper in 3 words I would have to say light, fast, and clunky. 

Sidney: This shoe truly feels like an amped up version of the Cloudmonster, as its name implies. Miles felt fairly effortless in this shoe with a good amount of squish and firm allowing for a propulsive toe off. Now I don’t know if it was just the euphoric effect a new shoe has on me, but Day 1 of wearing these I decided to join the pace group at our run club who are all just a little bit faster than me. I was able to actually keep up without being dragged behind the struggle bus the entire time. Maybe it's new shoe adrenaline magic but it still shows something. Safe to say the first run was a success, the shoe propelling me through each stride with ample cushion and pop. 




Blake: The toebox is the best balance On has done so far. Not as super secure as what I find most On’s models feel like but also not as loose as the Cloudstratus. Slightly wider than the traditional On model which just gets me so excited and accommodated. I have never felt this much accommodation of the toe box in any ON shoe before and it feels exquisite.

The upper is FANTASTIC! This is one of the best improvements from the Cloudmonster and Cloudmonster 2. Previously I have found the upper to be way too thin which made it too easy to tighten down on my shoe too much, cutting off my circulation. The Hyper completely fixes this with its thicker heel collar and eyelet structure. Not to mention the laces which are practically woven with this sticky rubber material which holds your laces in place super well. Still breathable while a little bit more reinforced which makes this shoe light but durable as well. 

Sidney: I was pleasantly surprised by the wider toe box up front. On has really been switching things up with the wider fit lately and our toes are digging it. The upper is something I was a little unsure about. It’s a microfiber upper that doesn’t have much give to it but that does allow it to stay super secure. Your midfoot stays locked in but the toes can still wiggle.




Blake: The heel and forefoot are completely different but are great both in their own way. The discrepancy between the two doesn’t feel super comfortable but I still do enjoy the shoe. The Helion forefoot makes every stride consistent and responsive. When landing on the heel it feels slightly unstable compared to the forefoot and is SUPER DUPER extremely compressive. The heel gives so much compared to the forefoot in the shoe that the transition would feel uncomfortable if you were to heel strike. What is nice is that this cushioning encourages a forefoot strike which makes the shoe even more efficient, the Hyper’s forefoot is extremely responsive and soft. Spending time walking in the shoe is not the most comfortable. I am not a big fan of the transition between the two while walking around but while running this cushioning is seamless and crazy. 

Sidney: The filled in forefoot makes a world of a difference in the cushioning of this shoe if comparing it to its counterpart, the Cloudmonster 2. Helion HF adds a super layer of bounce and a great push off propelling you forward. Another unique feature of the Hyper include the grippy laces which are definitely a luxury I enjoyed. Those things were not coming untied, I was left hopping on one foot trying to rip my shoe off after my runs.




Blake: The Hyper is fast as heck, without a plate it creates a very solid & comfortable ride. I would recommend this for all miles. Especially longer distances and would be a great training shoe for marathon runners. Without having a plate I would find this to be a “monster” at taking the impact of all that time on foot. While also not wearing out the body by placing you forcefully on the forefoot to spring you off of it.  Being more flexible than previous models makes the shoe great for those long runs and training. I would even recommend it for recovery runs as well. 

In comparison to the Cloudmonster 1, I found this to feel like a vast improvement. The fit is just slightly more dialed into by adding width for the forefoot, accommodating you where Monster 1 did not. Also, the removal of the speed board in the hyper keeps the shoe just as peppy and responsive without putting as much pressure on the body. As the 1 & 2 both consistently had that speed board the Hyper adds an element of flexibility that makes the ride in the Hyper more comfortable and consistent. The Cloudmonster 2 felt like almost the completed version of what On was looking to attempt on the first go around. Longer lasting, less rigid, and lighter underfoot. The hyper blows that shoe out of the water by being more comfortable. Plush where you need it like the forefoot and the updated upper. 

Sidney: I love the new rise of super trainers. Carbon plated shoes have always just felt blah for me. I’m hard to impress I guess, nothing has made the cut quite yet.

This is a good start for On, newly entering the world of super trainers but it’s not completely complete for me. Something’s lacking. I can’t help but wonder if the addition of a Speedboard would create a little bit more snap in this shoe.




Blake: The best way to describe this shoe is that it’s an extremely fuel-efficient sports car with absolutely no storage. The Hyper is extremely nimble and comfortable, but there is just something that is slightly clunky about the shoe which doesn’t make it the absolute perfect package. I love the shoe don’t get me wrong but there is just something that just rubs me the wrong way to the everso slightest degree while running. 

This is a workhorse made for running fast for long periods. I wouldn’t recommend it for most people, but those runners who need something soft yet durable for training long periods will benefit from this shoe. It's more a niche shoe and at its 220 price point, you can see why, I would recommend it for most runners looking for the best version of On’s high cushion workhorse. As I don't enjoy how much pressure on the achilles a large amount of carbon shoes provides while training. This is an amazing alternative for runners looking to get the benefit from the responsive foam. Now while this shoe is not made for everyone, I do think that for the niche runners who need that fast workhorse to be able to take that added miles. Thus I would still recommend the Cloudmonster Hyper

Sidney: This shoe is a great option for someone wanting something with some extra cushion but without sacrificing any speed. Each step on the Helion forefoot gives you a good amount of propulsion, however, I still don’t think I would lump this into the super trainer category. It’s a step in the right direction but not completely on the bullseye. 

Can On just combine the Cloudeclipse with the Cloudmonster Hyper? We just might have something there…


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You can find Blake scurrying about Running Lab, man-bun bouncing around. He is intrigued with shoe technology and loves using his knowledge to help people find the best shoe for them. He has worked at Running Lab for 2 years and is an asset to the team. 

Favorite shoe: Brooks Glycerin 21



Sidney despised running her entire life until a doctor told her she wasn't allowed to run. A switch flipped and now she still can't stop years later. With an abundance of shoes and always being constantly on the move, she's fairly knowledgeable in the shoe game. 

Favorite shoe: New Balance Vongo v6 


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