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Asics Gel Nimbus 26

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Asics Gel Nimbus 26

GEL-NIMBUS® 26 ensures cloud-like landings with revamped design for a softer run. Engineered knit upper, FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning, and ASICS®GRIP™ outsole enhance comfort, lightness, and durability.


The Gel Nimbus 25 was a shoe I had gawked at for a while but refused to purchase since we used to not sell Asics at Running Lab and I wouldn't have been able to wear it at work. I loved the clean, stylish appearance and I knew that foam had to be heavenly soft (and that remained to be true). When we brought Asics back to Running Lab and I got the opportunity to wear test the Gel Nimbus 25, I was pumped. That shoe was on my feet everyday of work, every walk, and every run. The foam was a dream come true, making every run feel effortless. Until, my worst nightmare came true. I tested the marathon gods while running a half marathon and they fired back. Holy blisters. Yeah, yeah, not my best idea yet but hey I was testing the abilities of the shoe. After hobbling around all day with some gnarly blisters on my toes, I couldn't even stay mad at the shoes. They were just too good in so many other ways. But, safe to say I never ran in them again. So, when the opportunity came about to wear test the Gel Nimbus 26, I was ecstatic. Take two at my love affair. Now, this one right here, it's something special that's for sure.




Support: Neutral 

Weight: 10.7 oz / 304 g (men), 9.2 oz / 262 g (women)

Stack Height: 41.5 mm in the heel, 33.5 mm in the forefoot 

Midsole Drop: 8 mm

Cushion Level: High




The Nimbus family deserves a trophy for the best step in feel. The initial steps are heavenly plush creating a transcendent experience from the start. The new foam combination does create a firmer feel under foot which honestly does the shoe very well. My runs in this shoe felt well supported with plenty of cushion while maintaining a light and snappy feel. 

Asics' PureGEL technology stands out not only for its exclusivity to the brand but also for its ability to deliver a seamlessly smooth heel landing. This unique feature manages to uphold a lightweight design, ensuring an optimal balance of comfort and performance. I am blown away by the responsiveness of this shoe while still maintaining so much squish.




I will say the blister issue has been fixed thanks to a new engineered mesh upper which properly holds my feet in place and doesn't allow for that obnoxious extra movement and rubbing. The stretchy nature of the upper allows for a snug yet flexible fit. The material moves with the contours of your feet like Kim K's shapewear.

The combination of the soft engineered knit upper with the FF BLAST PLUS ECO Foam and PureGEL results in a tailored fit and sensation resembling a custom-made experience.




I love the plush marshmallow man squish the 25 provided me, but there's something just oh so good about this upgrade. The foam in the 26 feels a touch firmer increasing the responsiveness of the shoe which is just what it needed. A warm hug is always nice, especially when it's a breathable upper of a shoe with a reliable heel cup and supportive midsole. Safe to say, I'm satisfied with the updates.


Long run? Grab em. Easy run? Grab em. Speed workout? Grab em. Long work day ahead? Grab em. The Gel Nimbus 26 is an incredibly versatile shoe for any run or long day you have ahead of you.




Asics did a superb job fixing this shoe up with the necessary updates without completely changing the whole shoe. The same soft and stretchy upper paired with a plush midsole we loved in the previous version, just better if that was even possible. 

Like I said, it's something special. I am a fan. 


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Sidney despised running her entire life until a doctor told her she wasn't allowed to run. A switch flipped and now she still can't stop years later. With an abundance of shoes and always being constantly on the move, she's fairly knowledgeable in the shoe game. 

Favorite shoe: Hoka Mach 5


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