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Brooks Addiction GTS 15

Brooks Addiction GTS 15

Say goodbye to the traditional roll bar and hello to a GuideRail system in Brooks' new Addiction GTS 15

A sturdy and stable shoe, the Addiction received a major update this year as the traditional posting the shoe used for more than 20 years was replaced by Brooks' new stability technology. GuideRails, positioned on both sides of the shoe works to control movement at the heel and knee while offering a softer ride. 

This shoe works great for a runner or walker in need of a responsive motion control shoe. It comes in at a hefty weight, weighing more than 11 ounces for women and 12 ounces for men, so runners looking to break records might want to look elsewhere. However, heading out for a walking or a stroll in the update is undeniably comfortable. 
Our reviewer, Blake, said he loved many things about the Addiction GTS 15 including a roomy toe box, soft but supportive cushioning, and a heel cup that snugged his heel just right. 
"The Addiction is a great walking shoe, it's lighter than the Beast and looks much tamer in comparison," he said. "I do think for everyday walking, this shoe can work wonders."

Brooks Addiction GTS 15

SUPPORT: Stability
WEIGHT: 11.1oz/314.7g women's, 12.2oz/345.9g men's
USE: Everyday walking, use with orthotics
SURFACE: Road, track, urban

Brooks Addiction GTS 15



There are so many things I love about the Addiction GTS 15. The dense but squishy and supportive DNA LOFT sole creates a very comfortable bed for my foot to sit in. I also really enjoyed the comfortable, added padding that's right underneath the toes, it's a small pad that your foot sits on. I think the cushioning system feels very natural and supportive while not feeling too heavy and dense which creates a great everyday walking shoe.

The toe box was very comfortable, it was almost like it was just the right amount of space. For me, the 9.5 was slightly smaller than a thumbs width from the front and I really enjoyed the fit of the toe box. The length made the shoe feel just right and wearable for long periods.

The midfoot was really nice because there was nice padding that Brooks is known for with a little bit extra underneath the toes.

The heel cup was one of my favorite features of this shoe, not only was it super comfortable, but it really softly grabbed my heel. It kept the entire shoe connected on your foot and made each step fluent and natural.

The tongue was decent, there wasn't anything that was super comfortable about the tongue but it did not bother me at all. If anything, I really felt the large padding all on the top of the foot which made it feel cozy, but I'm not the biggest fan of the feeling.

The upper was super comfortable, really wrapped around my foot nicely. Designed nicely, sleek and fashionable.

I do feel like it runs true to size when I was walking. I didn't have a ton of wiggle room or condensed feeling. The shoe encapsulates my foot very well and if I were to go up half a size or go down it would hurt or feel too sloppy. So yes, it is very true to size.

Brooks Addiction GTS 15



The Addiction GTS 15 feels perfectly stable, the GuideRails really makes the inside of your foot feel well stabilized and supports the entire section. And it's a firm feeling! It is not moving at all and will keep you up comfortably.


Brooks Addiction GTS 15



I do not recommend running in this shoe. If some really like running with some big weight on their foot they can run in it, but for most people, I would recommend continuing walking.


Brooks Addiction GTS 15



I think Brooks has been able to create one of the most comfortable high support stability shoes that could rival the feeling of the New Balance Vongo. While the support is not as squishy as the Vongo or the Hoka Gaviota, I still think the support is just as comparable and in ways just as or even more comfortable than those two shoes. If I were to run in a stability shoe, I would pick something like the Vongo far over the Addiction because of the weight and ride of the shoe. The Addiction is a great walking shoe, it's lighter than the Beast and looks much tamer in comparison. I do think for everyday walking, this shoe can work wonders, but I don't really recommend it for running.



I do not have knowledge of the fit and feel of the previous Addiction, but I did catch a glimpse and the biggest upgrade was the midsole. Hiding the outward stability posting (the move to GuideRails) really makes the shoe sleeker and I really enjoy that.


Brooks Addiction GTS 15


I did not enjoy running in the Addiction whatsoever. If the wearer really likes the feeling of a very weighty shoe when they run and they have stability needs, this would be the shoe for them, but definitely not for me. Also, something to note is that the shoe when walking really feels like it's structured around the foot but when running I felt too much wiggle room in the shoe which started to give me blisters in the first mile of running in it.

The Addiction does a really great job at making an intense and large shoe feel and look smaller than what it is packing on the inside. I think the GuideRails look well pronounced on the side of the Addiction in a way which previous models haven’t excelled at and improved upon it. It feels like the appropriate size, width, length, and is visually very appealing to look at compared to previous models as well as overall making the shoe look modern and forward-thinking. This shoe is going to be mostly for an older audience who is looking for mainly walking shoes, as this is the customer who would need this shoe for its support and stability.  I would really recommend this shoe for everyone but I feel that at this point in the model's lineage, I don't think it will blend well with a younger audience. The large cushioning of the shoe is very nice and supporting and people who need that level of support will really benefit from wearing the Addiction.

Not looking for the newest and coolest shoe out there but just really need a large amount of support that the Addiction GTS 15 provides? Then this shoe is for you!



Blake Reviewer Blog Pic


20 year old
Wears men's size 9.5
I am a young runner who really enjoys shoes and gets geeked out at the technology that shoes provide. I usually run in Brighton around my house or at a local Metropark (Kensington). I've been in the footwear industry since 2018 with working at Adidas and will future continue that journey at Running Lab. My favorite thing about running would have to be the first mile you run that at times can feel effortless, it's the best part of the run other than getting across that finish line.


  1. WadeB WadeB

    I agree this is a good walking shoe. The sole is too hard for running. I do find that my feet feel great after long walks in these shoes. The Adrenaline GTS is a much better running shoe for most. The Beast for very heavy runners who maybe should be walking anyway. Thanks for the review.

  2. Nat Nat

    Hi there, apart from width, are men and woman' Brooks Addiction the same build? I have wider feet so I get an 9.5 E in women's but I noticed some men's addiction in an online sale, and wondering if they'd have the same support, and if they do then what size would be equivalent.

  3. Roger Schadler Roger Schadler

    What a really well written review, this is exactly the type of shoe features I was looking for,have flat feet and wear orthotics and need some motion control and only need for walking.
    Thanks Blake

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