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Brooks Glycerin 20

Brooks Glycerin 20

High-cushion fans will be pleased by the newest update to the Brooks Glycerin 20! The latest iteration of this shoe is an all-encompassing update, from the more spacious and comfortable upper to the new, cushy midsole.

The biggest change to the shoe is the addition of Brooks’ newest foam compound, a supercritical Nitrogen-injected midsole called DNA LOFT v3. Those tired of traditional-feeling foams will get a kick out of this fun new material. Check out what Karen has to say about the shoe below!


SUPPORT: High Cushion Neutral
STACK HEIGHT: 38mm (heel), 28mm (forefoot)
WEIGHT: 8.9oz (252g) women's / 10.1oz (286g) men's
USE: Everyday running, walking
SURFACE: Road, track, urban


Karen: I honestly felt “quick “ or “peppy”. My feet were very happy. My legs were just along for the ride.


Karen: The cushioning is soft and supportive, yet seems to provide me with quite a spring in every step. Much different from the previous version. So people who like that firmer cushion, may not like the feel of this fluffy goodness.


Karen: It seems pretty stable. I do tend to supinate, so the softness could be concerning. But the wide base basically makes up for it.


Karen: The toe box is very roomy, with a very comfortable, soft mid foot that seems to spring you when running. The length is spot on for my regular size. The tongue is comfortable and stays in place. The upper is very breathable. Especially in the toe area. All in all. I have zero complaints or issues with this shoe.

With the previous version, I had to go up a size but this version fits true to size.


Karen: I’m not much of a speed runner. But I felt this shoe made me want to run a bit faster. Definitely a good long run and recovery run shoe.



Karen: I find this show is very similar to the new Balance 1080v 12. Both are very soft and comfortable, with comfortable uppers and nice space for toes. However , The glycerin seems to give more pep in the step. The lower drop in the 1080 makes you feel like you’re on your heels more. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially for standing and such.



Karen: I’ve only tried the version 19. I was not a fan. My toes didn’t have enough room, and I felt the firmer cushion just wasn’t for me.


Karen: I would recommend this shoe for the person who likes the extra room for your toes to spread out. The soft, comfortable cushion may not be for everyone, but if you're a fan, they are exactly that.


Keith blog pic

Wears women's size 8
I’ve been running for 12 years. A couple of marathons and many many half marathons later, I find I like the trails best. I have some foot issues, and really go for comfort over anything. I’m not in to setting speed records. I just like to have fun. The Running community and family is my favorite part about it. Setting goals and knocking them off the list is a strong second. I am in the industry, as I work in a run specialty store. In all my years of working, it’s the most rewarding position I have ever been in.





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