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Brooks Glycerin GTS 20

Brooks Glycerin GTS 20

The brand-new Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 includes tons of fun changes to the familiar high-cushion shoe. In this update to the Glycerin line, Brooks combines their GuideRails technology, meant to keep runners stable and supported underfoot, with a soft, nitrogen-injected DNA LOFT v3 midsole. 

A more accommodating fit and a comfortable mesh upper give this new model a wonderful ride for walkers and runners alike. It’s perfectly built for casual walks and long, easy runs. See what our wear tester, Blake, has to say about the Glycerin GTS 20!


SUPPORT: High Cushion Stability

STACK HEIGHT: 38mm (heel), 28mm (forefoot)


WEIGHT: 9.4oz (266.5g) women's / 10.5oz (297.7g) men's

USE: Everyday running, walking

SURFACE: Road, track, urban


Blake: Running in this shoe felt super comfortable. Every step, I felt that I was able to bounce off the ground easily and it didn't take away too much of the impact of the ground. I honestly spent more time in the shoe standing and working in it. I would recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a supportive pair of shoes to work in. I forgot that I was wearing shoes a lot of the time when running and working in these shoes.


Blake: The cushioning is unreal. It is so responsive and supportive that I honestly forget that I am wearing a shoe. It's super light as well which makes having a high-quality cushion feel like you are almost not even walking or running in the shoe. For a high cushion shoe, it is super light compared to previous models and its competitors. And even though there is so much squish in the foam of the shoe, it does not feel that it takes any force away from your stride.


Blake: Just like other stability-oriented Brooks shoes, a GuideRails system is present which creates stability and support. Like previous models, it is the perfect blend between controlling the foot’s motion but still allowing the body's natural movement. Each side of the GuideRails will bring you back to a more neutral alignment with ease. This makes it feel as if the shoe moves to support the foot wherever the body’s motion is lacking.



Blake: The toebox has the perfect amount of room! Especially compared to previous models, the upper has just the right amount of space to not feel too condensed. The fit of the midfoot feels so comfortable. There is just the right amount of space on each side of the foot and the sole makes it feel like you are being cradled with foam. The heel cup is a great blend of holding your foot in place while not squeezing it. There is no slippage and it is fairly easy to get on and off. The length feels perfect! It runs true to size when compared to most other Brooks shoes and is not nearly as tight as the previous version of this shoe. The tongue is nice but it does tend to lean to the outside of the shoe rather than staying in place. It is fairly light and is not too dense, which makes it feel like it's not even there. Even if it doesn't stay in the same spot, it's hardly noticeable. The upper is super breathable while also being stretchier than any previous model of the Glycerin.


Blake: I would recommend almost every run other than speed workouts for the new Glycerin. The cushion provides enough support that it will make every step feel supported. But unlike other high cushion shoes where the shoe feels that it takes the impact away, the shoe feels usable for almost every single run. Regardless, it may still make speed workouts a little bit harder by virtue of having a thicker sole and a squishier ride.



Blake: The Glycerin feels lighter than its competitors. The way the nitrogen reacts to the DNA loft in this pair of Glycerin feels like it takes just the right amount of impact away where the runner will still feel the ground. In other options like the New Balance 1080 or the Nike Invincible Run, the shoe doesn’t feel like it conforms to the foot as comfortably as the Glycerin. The stack height of these competitors also feels so high that you are on a platform, whereas the Glycerin feels like it has much better ground contact. The Glycerin feels perfect because it sits in the sweet spot of having a high amount of cushion without feeling too elevated.


Blake: The newest pair of Glycerin GTS 20 feel unrecognizable from the previous pairs. Not only is there finally enough comfort and space in the toe box of the shoe, but the new nitrogen-injected DNA LOFT v3 provides a much softer response to the ground. Previous models felt fairly dense and firm; this newest pair gives the perfect amount of impact reduction from ground. I would consider this a vast improvement on the formula of the Glycerin but fans of the previous model may be put off by the changes that were made. I can only imagine this would happen if someone thought the new Glycerin was too soft.



Blake: This shoe is for runners, walkers, workers, and anyone who has feet. As a running shoe, it feels a perfect blend between not being too cushioned and still taking some of the impact away from striking the ground. For people looking for a shoe to walk, work, or stand in, this is amazing as well. The foam makes the body feel energized and supported and at times you will forget that you are wearing a shoe. I would wholeheartedly recommend this shoe to everyone and anyone who is looking for that perfect supportive, high cushion shoe.


Keith blog pic

21 year old
Wears men's size 9.5
I work at the Running Lab and love to run around Brighton! I just completed my first half marathon this year and will continue to enjoy doing more races and events in the future. I am not a long-time runner but a shoe geek. I love everything about shoes and running in them gives me a newfound respect and perspective on footwear!


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