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Brooks Hyperion Max

Brooks Hyperion Max

The Brooks Hyperion Max is designed to help you reach your racing potential without sacrificing any comfort. The speedy heel-to-toe transitions paired with the ultralight cushioning keeps you feeling fresh. DNA FLASH, a nitrogen-infused foam maximizes cushioning while the Rapid Roll technology adds a unique curve to the heel ensuring a soft and snappy ride.

Check out what our reviewers, Keith and Karen have to say about their experience wearing the Hyperion Max.

SUPPORT: Neutral
STACK HEIGHT: 34mm (heel), 26mm (forefoot)
WEIGHT: 6.7 oz (190 g) women's /  7.5 oz (213 g) men's
USE: Everyday running, walking, race
SURFACE: Road, lifestyle


Keith: I loved my initial footstrike in this shoe. It is so light and snappy, yet it has plenty of cushion. It feels like nothing really gets in the way of me enjoying my run. The first thing I noticed was the great forefoot feel and how the shoe just directed me to land there. The heel on the Hyperion Max is so aggressively curved that it is almost non-existent, making it hard for even the heaviest heel-striker to slam down on it. As my miles got longer I really enjoyed the feeling of the midsole. It is not terribly soft but it provides enough that I never felt like the concrete was beating up my feet. It remains bouncy with every step and they feel weightless, making it so easy to keep up a good tempo and cadence. In short, if I have this shoe on my feet, I am ready for a fast run!

Karen: I was pretty excited about my first run with this shoe. My maiden voyage with it was on the treadmill for a speed workout. It was really fun and comfortable to run in. It seemed nice and light, with a side of bouncy. 


Keith: The toebox of the Hyperion Max is wide enough and super airy, although a tad shallow. I can definitely feel it on the top of my big toe as it flexes up. The single layer mesh is very light and forgiving though, so no rubbing or blister issues from the contact. The midfoot wraps well and gives me as much support as I desire in a lightweight shoe. It fits low on the ankle, but locks in place and doesn't move. The result is a shoe that you can barely feel on your foot. The heel feels cradled, even though the sheared off heel can feel odd when walking or standing, it feels great on the run. The tongue may be the one spot that needs improvement in the next model. It tends to shift to the outside and there is not real way to lock it down with the laces. Size wise, I am an in-betweener that goes back and forth between 10.5 and 11. Testing the 10.5, I never felt the need to go up, so it could fit slightly long for some. 

Karen: The toebox is just a little shallow for me. I have a pretty high arch, so I don't feel much in the way of arch support in my midfoot. The length seems perfect. The upper is so light and airy. The tongue shifts to the side of my feet a bit but as long as I wear a sock that's not too thick or cushioned, everything feels just fine. None of the little imperfections would be deal breakers for me. It is honestly so light, I forget I am wearing a shoe. I think it runs pretty true to size. I would think about going up 1/2 size, just to see if I would have more depth in the toe area. 


Keith: The cushion is bouncy and firm. It is definitely made to give you a pep in your step, not bog you down with a pillow on your foot. My foot needs a bit more cushion than what is offered in the Hyperion Tempo, but I still want to have that DNA Flash foam under my foot to go fast, so thank you, Brooks!

Karen: The cushioning feels light and responsive. It has a sturdier, denser cushion, so don't expect a super soft feel. 



Keith: The Hyperion Max is made for a neutral foot. With how curved the heel is, it tends to be a bit wobbly if you are just kicking around in it. It does feel plenty stable while running on pavement though, as long as you have good ankle stability to begin with. 

Karen: As a supinator, I feel the support in this shoe is very good. It helps keep my feet in the more upright position. 


Keith: I've most enjoyed this shoe on tempo runs anywhere around 3-6 miles because it is fun to go fast in. I could see it being comfortable for race prep long runs or even for racing up to a marathon. I probably won't reach for these when I want to take it easy as it isn't going to give that luxurious softness that I want to spend hours in or do a recovery run in. 

Karen: I took this shoe for some speed work indoors. A 10K outdoors and then a 10 miler outdoors. I feel for me, I wouldn't run in it longer than a 10K in this shoe. But I also love to walk. I can walk in this shoe all day for many miles. 


Keith: With the Hyperion Max, Brooks is finally ready to step into the ring with the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3. The Brooks Hyperion Tempo just didn't match the cushioning of the Endorphin Speed in the past, but this one will make it a more fair fight. The Hyperion Max is unplated and feels firmer than the Endorphin Speed, but the experience is just as enjoyable. Other shoes that could be compared with the Hyperion Max would be the New Balance FuelCell Rebel, Hoka Mach 5, Topo Specter, and Nike Pegasus Turbo NextNature. 

Karen: The closest I can come in comparison would be the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3. I feel it  makes for a speedy bouncy ride similar to the Endorphin Speed 3.


Keith: This is the first iteration of the Hyperion Max, but it is fair to compare it to the Hyperion Tempo, its lower profile predecessor. The Max is on the same 8mm drop platform, but stacks the cushion up underneath the foot, especially giving it a softer forefoot feel. The heel is far more aggressively curved than in the Tempo, making the Max less stable but more snappy.

Karen: Although the Hyperion Max doesn't have a precursor it is similar to the Hyperion Tempo just add a little bit more cushion. 


Keith: The Hyperion Max is a shoe that can fit a lot of different types of runners. It will benefit athletes training for half marathon and marathon distances as well as provide shorter distance racers with a more comfortable lightweight option that won't sap their performance. It is also a great racing option for those who do not enjoy the rigidity of a carbon plate. I would recommend this up there with some of the best lightweight, higher cushion options on the market. One of the bonus surprises for me is that the outsole rubber of the Hyperion Max seems to be highly durable, making it a great value pick as it will last longer than some of its competitors. 

Karen: I would recommend this shoe for speed work. Perhaps a shorter racing shoe such as 5k or 10K. some may even like it for longer distances. I think as a bonus, it is a great light weight walking shoe. I also think it would make a good cross training shoe.





39 year old
Wears men's size 10.5/11

Running has always been a part of my life. When I was younger it was mainly a way to stay in shape for soccer; running track in the off-season was a way to train hard and stay competitive. I liked it, but it wasn't until my first marathon in my late 20's that I really fell in love with running. Since then I have completed 9 marathons, a 50-miler, and two 100-milers while also competing in countless 5k, 10k, and half-marathon races. I enjoy running just about anywhere except the treadmill. I prefer trails in the woods to the road and my favorite spot so far is Corsair Trail System in the Huron National Forest near East Tawas, MI. I also frequent the many trails we have in Southeast Michigan. I currently work at Running Lab and have worked there for a total of just over 5 years. My favorite thing about running is that it can be super competitive yet the running community is so supportive of each other.



48 year old
Wears women's size 8

I have been running for 13 years. I like to run outside the most. Being surrounded by nature fills my cup. Trails are my absolute favorite to run. But I still run a lot of roads and dirt roads. Sometimes wherever the group runs take me too.


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