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New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13 is a neutral daily trainer with the perfect mix of comfort and support. Its versatility makes it suitable to handle any workout. The Fresh Foam X foam provides a cushioned underfoot experience while the engineered synthetic/mesh upper allows for the perfect balance of support and stretch. This medium cushion daily trainer is perfect for just about doing anything. 

Check out what our reviewers, Blake, Jacob, and Meghan have to say about their experience wearing the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v13. 


SUPPORT: Neutral
STACK HEIGHT: 34mm (heel), 24mm (forefoot)
WEIGHT: 8.4 oz (238 g) women's /  10.6 oz (300 g) men's
USE: Everyday, running, walking
SURFACE: Road, lifestyle


Blake: The 880v13 feels as comfortable as ever! They took the midsole from the version 12 and revamped the upper to make it appear sleeker and feel more breathable. If you have tried the previous version already, this should feel like a slight improvement to it. Running in the 880v13, I never even noticed it under my foot as it is truly a great blend between being light and responsive. This shoe has an unreal amount of cushioning for its weight, with the density transitions from FreshFoam X foam to the EVA foam there is an impressive snap to this shoe. I was impressed with the amount of cushioning I felt every time my heel made contact with the ground as well as the springing off from the forefoot at the same time. For being your daily trainer this shoe feels remarkable and comfortable the entire ride. 

Jacob: Once I was able to break the shoes in a little bit, I found the New Balance 880v13 to be a good and comfy shoe for any distance. I ran a few base runs of different lengths, and my foot felt like I had a good soft landing pad under me for each step. These are a great choice for road running.

Meghan: The first time I put these shoes on, it felt firm with a bit of cushion. During my first run, I thought they might be too firm, however, after a few runs they were perfect.


Blake: When finding the right size for you (I find the 880v13 runs a half size small) the toebox feels more accommodating than most of its competitors in its category. especially compared to the Ride 15 and Ghost 15, this 880v13 leaves you with the right amount of space. Once you get your respective size, the midfoot does not condense your foot at all. Leaving enough space to feel comfortable with every stride you take. I also found that the midfoot is slightly more tailored that the previous models which is a huge plus to the fit and feel of the shoe. The heel cup of the 880v13 fits super comfortable. It grabs your heel with minimal padding so the shoe can still retain its light stature, but still makes it so that you are not slipping at all in the shoe. The length of 880v13 does run a half size too small but if you can get your respective size up in the shoe you should feel that the length of the shoe is perfect. Just enough movement that you are not jamming into the front of your shoe while still not feeling sloppy. I did notice that the tongue is very similar to that of the More v4 and I have the same problem of the tongue constantly shifting to the lateral side of the shoe. However, unlike the More I do not notice the tongue bugging me. While running this would be a big drawback but it was never a problem for me in the 880v13 which truly surprised me when running in it. The upper of the 880v13 is one of the best improvements of the shoe. It feels more tailored to the foot while still remaining to give you space where you need it most. Not to mention it looks cooler than ever with removing the medial logo for a larger lateral one. Which makes the shoe pop like never before especially as it has a dual N logo, the most seamless their logo has looked on a shoe in years. The 880v13 does run a half size small. As this as been the case for a minute now with the 880 line, I believe that you should go up a half size when picking out your pair for yourself. 

Jacob: The toe box felt a little snug on my foot, but not too small where it was uncomfortable. The tongue was nice and big, the midfoot felt nice and comfy with the Fresh Foam X under me at all times. The heel cup was able to secure my foot into the shoe as well. My one concern is the length. I usually wear a 10.5, but they were a bit snug. Would recommend going up a half size. 

Meghan: The toebox had just the right amount of space. The Fresh Foam X made the midfoot have the perfect amount of cushion. The heel cup was comfortable and secured my foot. 


Blake: The cushioning of the 880v13 is exactly you would want from this daily training shoe. More Fresh Foam X near the heel to make every foot strike comfortable. The more responsive EVA foam makes you feel like your exploding off your toes naturally. For a daily trainer it is light and responsive for every step which is personally exactly what I am looking for.

Jacob: The cushion was super soft! The Fresh Foam X throughout the midsole was nice and comfy during every step I took. I felt like I had enough cushion without it being super heavy. 

Meghan: The Fresh Foam X gives this shoe a good mix of soft and firm. 


Blake: The 880v13 is very stable for being a neutral shoe. With the squish in the heel of the Fresh Foam X this shoe is able to make you feel confident and supported in every step. Especially in comparison to some of their more high cushion offerings such as the 1080v12 and More v4. 

Jacob: For a neutral shoe, I did feel like I was pretty stable in them for the most part.


Blake: I would recommend the 880v13 as a daily training shoe. Any tempo work can be done super comfortably in this shoe and if you feel comfortable enough I would even recommend this to race in. It is light, comfortable, and responsive in every step and I find this to be great for all runs. I would recommend the higher cushion models for long and recovery runs instead of the 880v13. It does not have the comfort that the 1080v12 and More v4 have in comparison. But for its weight class this shoe is a remarkable one for most runs you will find yourself doing. 

Jacob: I would recommend the New Balance 880v13 to be used for logging good training miles on the roads. Anything from recovery and tempo to even a long run. 

Meghan: The 880v13 is a great everyday road shoe.


Blake: If I were to compare this to other models in this class I would be comparing this to the Ghost 15, Ride 15, Pegasus 39, and Equipe Nucelo. As they are all daily trainers I would find that the responsiveness in the sole is only outclassed by the Equipe Nucelo. In which I find the fit of the 880v13 way more comfortable and form fitting in comparison while having a slightly less plush underfoot feel. The 880v13 outclasses the rest of the competitors in that same underfoot feel by being softer and more responsive. And the only other shoe to come close to the fit and feel that the newest 880 offers and that would be the lightness that the Ghost 15 provides. But the 880v13 is a combination between being soft, responsive, and comfortable all at the same time. Which I feel out performs a large amount of its competitors. 

Jacob: I find this shoe to be very similar to the Brooks Ghost 15 and the Diadora Volo. 

Meghan: This shoe is very similar to the Brooks Ghost.


Blake: This is just an improvement on the 880v12. The sole may be exactly the same but they transformed what was on top to reflect what was put on the bottom on the shoe. Just as responsive but this newest option looks better and it more tailored to the foot in the spots that count. Specifically the midfoot and to mention this doesn't have the extremely short laces problem the previous model had. If you enjoyed the last model you will guaranteed to enjoy this new advancement of the 880 line as well. 

Jacob: The 880v13 run about the same in sizing and width as the 880v12. The Fresh Foam X provides that same soft feeling underfoot in both versions as well. 


Blake: I would recommend this shoe for everyone. First and foremost the customer who is looking for just the right amount of cushioning while looking stylish is this shoes strong suit. I would recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a new daily trainer. It would be the perfect daily trainer, something you don't need to think about past the point that you are feeling comfortable running the whole time. 

Jacob: The New Balance 880v13s are a great shoe for the runners who are looking for a good comfy road running trainer at any distance. 

Meghan: This is a great shoe for your neutral runner/walker looking for a mid cushion everyday trainer.




22 year old
Wears men's size 9.5 D

I love to run all around the Brighton and Milford roads and trails! I have been running since I started working at the Running Lab just less than two years ago. I love testing shoes and analyzing what is great and (sometimes not) about the amazing technologies that brands put into every shoe. And lastly my favorite thing about running is what I get to look at, being able to reach views I never thought possible before is one of my favorite aspects of running.



21 year old
Wears men's size 10.5 D

I started running back in 8th grade when I joined the Cross Country team at my middle school, and fell in love with it ever since. I ran throughout high school, becoming captain of the team during my last year. Now, I am enjoying training for my first ever marathon! I usually like to stick to road running, but I am always down for some nature runs. I do work in the running industry as a sales associate for Running Lab. My favorite thing about running is the community. Runners are some of the nicest and most supportive people in the world! I always feel so welcomed by the running community every time I go out for a run.


38 year old

Wears women's size 9.5 B

I started running 7 years ago to get time to myself while my children were young and fell in love with it. I love running with friends and also a good solo run. It gives me time to clear my mind and helps to calm my anxiety.



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