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New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo v6

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New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo v6


The dreaded stability shoe limiting your options of what fits you best just got a little bit more enticing. If you are that stability wearer, your life just got a whole lot more intriguing thanks to the New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo v6. 

For years stability shoes have been made feeling bulky with rigid bumpers like your foot is a bowling ball. And for even more years the Vongo was just a second thought. The Vongo has been like a second heir to the throne after the 1080. The 1080 gets all the shiny new updates and the Vongo just falls behind with the hand me down upgrades. (Jen, that royal family analogy was for you)

But just you wait, the Vongo v6 is going to be all the rage. 


Support: Stability

Weight: 10.9 oz / 309 g (men), 9.1 oz / 258 g (women)

Stack Height: 35.5 mm in the heel, 29.5 mm in the forefoot

Midsole Drop: 6 mm

Cushion Level: High




Sidney: I have never been one to wear a stability shoe until I tried on the 1080v13 and my right foot overpronated so bad it looked like it was snapping in half. When I tried the Vongo v6, I was quite pleased. The stability plane, also known as EVA film, is the best thing to happen to the stability category of footwear. Instead of a guide rail or posting catching your foot as you overpronate the plane creates stability within the midsole of the shoe correcting the overpronation in action.

When wearing a stability shoe, you tend to sacrifice the gooey cushioning you get from some neutral shoes. Not this one. Although the firmness of the stability plane is still there making a difference in the support, the soft Fresh Foam X midsole still manages to shine through. With plenty of cushioning on the midfoot with each strike while still maintaining a lightweight feel the miles seem to roll by easy wearing this shoe. 

Shannon: When I first stepped into the Vongo v6 and took a few strides, I was immediately struck by the incredible comfort. It was a refreshing change to find a stability shoe that didn't have a bulky guide rail protruding or adopt an excessively wide design. The sleekness and promise of centered support had me genuinely excited to start my run, especially considering my positive experience with the Vongov5.

However, as I hit the pavement for my first run, my enthusiasm was met with a surprising challenge. Despite being a moderate over-pronator, I found the shoe offering more support than I needed, leading to an unexpected amount of supination. The firmness in the heel during the run was notable, contrasting with the softer feel experienced during walking. While the EVA film in the midsole prevented the sensation of sinking into the shoe, there were moments when I craved an even softer landing. Adapting to the feel of the shoe took a couple of miles. The initial 1-2 miles left me somewhat unconvinced, but as I pushed past that point, the Vongov6 began to win me over.




Sidney: The Vongo features the perfect shape and contour. With enough room to wiggle and spread your toes out as well as an upper that encases your foot perfectly, this shoe makes my feet super happy. A nice feature of the 1080v12 was the super stretchy upper material and roomier toe box. The 1080v13 just takes a different approach to this with a fresh combo of secure and stretchy for the upper and don’t worry they didn’t take away too much of our toe box room.

I love a shoe with a higher heel tab and the Vongo has just that to top it all off. The firm support of the heel counter combined with the elevated heel tab creates a nice security and comfort for my feet with no slippage.

Shannon: The shoe fits true-to-size. Putting it on felt like slipping into a shoe custom-molded to my foot, like in the Tempur-Pedic bed commercials where the person's body is molded into the bed. The snug fit of the upper, although a departure from my preference for wider toe boxes like in Altras models, provided a secure feel. It's worth noting that the thicker upper material retains heat in the toe box, which, for cold weather conditions, doesn't bother me much. Although, going on a long run in this shoe during summer would create too much heat in the toe box. 




Sidney: Talk about happy feet and I’m not referring to that talking dancing penguin movie. Not only is the fit of this shoe impressive, the feel is incredible. It’s as soft as burger buns I swear (you’ll see where I’m going with this later). 

I’ve put 80+ miles on these shoes in the short time I’ve had these, which is impressive for me considering I usually swap shoes every run. The Vongos have been the pair I continuously grab for the reliable comfort and protection they’ve provided me for every type of run.

Shannon: Compared to its predecessors, the Vongo v6 has lost some of its stability elements. The EVA film and hexagonal shapes now replace the traditional postings on the medial side, providing guidance to the entire foot. The wider heel initially felt a bit perplexing, hinting at extra weight, but during the run, it revealed itself as an added support feature.

While the first few miles of running created a different sensation, walking in this shoe felt remarkably comfortable—like walking on a cloud without the clunkiness often associated with such plushness. Breaking in the Vongo v6 is a must before venturing on longer runs, but once past the initial miles, it transforms into a reliable companion. The Fresh Foam technology seamlessly adapts to the foot's shape, delivering a customized and comfortable feel with every step. The cushioning strikes a fine balance between softness and support, catering to a diverse range of runners, whether neutral or in need of stability. The Vongov6 is a shoe that, once broken in, offers a delightful running experience, combining adaptability, comfort, and a supportive platform.




Sidney: Soft foam can easily become an overpronator's worst nightmare. Especially if we’re talking about New Balance’s Fresh Foam X. Though it’s incredibly comfortable with its butter-like melt in feel, it has the potential to lose its support. The stability plane sandwiched in between two layers of foam in the midsole makes for an ideal combination of softness and support. Like a beef patty sandwiched between two buns. You get the stiffer feel and support from the patty inside there but it’s still pliable. It’s also cooked medium well on the lateral sides and well done in the middle making that support in the medial side just a little bit firmer helping you with that overpronation. You hungry? 

Shannon: I would grab this shoe for a quick run, 3-5 miles. For me it's a bit too heavy to use as a shoe to do speed work in. I can see this being a long run shoe for the runner that needs more support and wants that extra cushion underneath your feet, but for my needs in a long run shoe I would stick with my Clifton 9. Compared to the Vongo v5, I found it firmer and it works its support through your whole foot instead of the medial firm foam that the Vongo v5 has. If I had to choose, I would grab my Vongo v5 for running and the Vongo v6 for everyday wear. 




Sidney: Ugly step sister of the 1080 turned princess next to the 1080. The Vongo v6 has changed the Vongo game forever. This version is sure to turn heads and win over shoe geeks who wouldn’t have even taken a second to think about the Vongo before. 

Sleek, stretchy upper, supportive, reliable stability plane, and gooey goodness Fresh Foam X foam, the Vongo v6 is changing the stability shoe game forever. 

Shannon: It took a couple of runs to warm up to this shoe, and still there are a few aches and pains after running, but this shoe did grow on me. I find the toe box is too cramped for me and left my toes aching after the runs, but this shoe also just needs time to be worn in. I don’t personally find that the upgrade in this shoe is as magical as I thought it would be. However, the update on the looks of the shoe is very nice. It's sleek, slim, and doesn't have a bulky guide rail hanging off the side of it. I would grab this shoe to wear to work, or to run in on my easy short run days. It has enough cushion to keep you from hitting the ground hard, and enough support to guide and protect your foot from collapsing in. I will continue to run in this shoe and break it in some more to continue to experience a nice supportive, cushioned, and responsive ride. 


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Sidney despised running her entire life until a doctor told her she wasn't allowed to run. A switch flipped and now she still can't stop years later. With an abundance of shoes and always being constantly on the move, she's fairly knowledgeable in the shoe game. 

Favorite shoe: New Balance Vongo v6 (that's right it really won me over)


Shannon is always looking for her next adventure. She loves trying new things and keeps herself busy teaching yoga, coaching the Brighton High School girls lacrosse team, taking classes at Eastern Michigan University to become a high school English teachers and of course running. She loves to connect and help others, and hopes that she can combine her knowledge of yoga and recovery steps to teach student athletes to take care of themselves.


Favorite shoe: Hoka Clifton 9


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