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On Cloudstratus 3

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On Cloudstratus 3

The On Cloudstratus 3 is made to bring you exceptional cushioning with a smooth roll making every run feel effortless. The double layer of Cloudtec pods paired with On's signature Speedboard creates a plush feel without losing any responsiveness. 




Support: Neutral

Weight: 10.3 oz (292 g) men’s, 9.2 oz (260 g) women’s

Stack Height: 37 mm in heel, 31 mm in forefoot 

Heel to Toe Offset: 6 mm

Best use: All around, daily trainer



Sidney: On took that high cushion shoe we all know and love and put their “cloud” twist on it. I hear a lot of people say “On cloud? So it feels like you’re on a cloud?” and this is a true statement when it comes to the Cloudstratus 3. 

As an owner of the previous version, the Cloudstratus 2, I was hesitant about the upgrade in the Cloudstratus 3. I remember trying on both shoes and comparing them a couple months ago and not liking the upgrades at all. Honestly, I have to admit, I went into testing this shoe thinking I wouldn’t be impressed. 

Little did I know this would be THE shoe for me. It ended up being the only shoe I felt the need to take with me on vacation since it checked all my boxes for all the activities I participate in. 

Canyon: When I slipped these new On Cloudstratus 3 shoes on I swear my heart stopped for a second…Damn these are comfy! After wearing the stratus 2’s for a couple years these new ones hit differently.



Sidney: As soon as I got this shoe I wore it for every run, workout, pickleball games, and everyday at work. For me, I find it hard to find a shoe that can do all the things I want it to but this one did the job. 

There was a soft amount of cushioning all the way through each step from the heel to the toe. I love when a shoe has that same soft squishy cushioning in the forefoot as it does in the heel. The updated speed board allows for some good snappiness rolling you forward, making every run feel effortless. The Helion superfoam midsole paired with the double stacked Cloudtec creates an amazingly soft feel. 

Something that blew me away and made me oh so happy… a bigger toebox. It’s not the Altra or Topo wide toebox but for On this is a roomier toebox which is perfect for anyone who wants or needs that extra bit of space. One complaint I have that comes with this is that with my narrower foot I did see some bunching up in the fabric near the toe but I’ll take it for the extra toe space. Can we talk about the filled in channel! Something so simple made me oh so happy. No more stopping mid run to fight that pesky rock stuck in your shoe. 

Canyon: On continues to keep their signature lace up structure in this new shoe. I'm a big fan as it helps create a great wrap around the foot, keeping me secure. With a new tongue design, compared to the Cloudstratus 2’s, and updated heel cuff padding and upper these have become my go to trainers. After several months of testing the shoe, the structure is holding up well. One of the things I love about my Ons, I wear them to death, wash them, and they feel and look good as new.



Sidney: I was shocked at the stability offered in the Cloudstratus 3. Compared to the other high cushion option from On, the Cloudmonster, the Cloudstratus 3 provides a good amount of support and stability. The added stability allowed me to move quickly side to side in pickleball without rolling my ankle and the extra support made me enjoy working all day on my feet without aches and pains. 

Canyon: I put the Cloudstratus 2s to the test. Two years of use for all activities, including time in the gym. On certainly went back to the drawing board in search of making improvements to the shoe. They did just that. Increased cushioning throughout, more volume to the width and instep, and filled in the channel on the bottom of the outsole. No more pesky rocks and debris! 

With increased arch support as well, I am impressed. Normally I wear Curex high arch insoles in all my shoes. Not these. The stock insoles combined with the shape of the shoe bring in a very comfortable and supportive platform. These babies provide the proper amount of cushin’ for the pushin’ and make those longer endurance runs feel light and smooth all the way through. These shoes did find their way to the gym and the pickleball court where I feel like it lacks a little lateral support but it does the job. 



Sidney: I recommend these shoes over and over again. The Cloudstratus 3 is the perfect amount of cushioning. It's not a sinking waterbed out of control softness, but it's not a firm feel the floor feel. On definitely figured out the perfect balance of Cloudtec with their Speedboard to make a devine fit and feel. 

Canyon: If I'm not wearing bike shoes on a bike, the Cloudstratus 3s are on my feet, I would highly recommend these shoes. Fit true to size with plenty of room in the toe box. If you are familiar with On's shoe lineup and have experience with their other products, definitely check these out, and if you haven’t… well…definitely check these out.


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20 years old

Wears women's size 8B

I always despised running, it's funny that I'm here now. It wasn't until I got mono and was told I wasn't allowed to run when I decided I wanted to be a runner. As soon as I got the good to go I dived head first into running and soon found Running Lab. My passion for running and shoes has only grown since then. I am yoga teacher certified and currently working on getting my personal training certification. I hope to someday combine all of my passions to create a way to help other athletes with their goals, including nutrition and coaching. 


23 years old

Wears men's size 9B

If I'm not on a bike you can find me playing pickleball, running, rollerblading, or in the gym. I love being active, a game I play with myself often is trying to get in as many sports in a day as I can. 


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