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Saucony Ride 15

Saucony Ride 15

If you are looking for a shoe to log your daily miles with a smooth transition? Look no further than the Saucony Ride 15! Saucony out did themselves with making subtle updates to various areas of the Ride 15 to bring this model to the innovative fit and performance people expect in run specialty footwear.

The increased stack height in the PWRRUN midsole, combined with the reduced overall weight of the shoe makes it a go-to for various workouts for many different runners. Both of our reviewers mentioned their admiration of the Saucony Ride 15's responsiveness without being overly cushioned. 


SUPPORT: Neutral
WEIGHT: 7.8oz (221g) women's / 8.8oz (255g) men's
USE: Everyday running, walking
SURFACE: Road, track, urban


Ken: What can I say about the fit of the Saucony Ride 15? Alot! I haven't been this excited about the fit in this series of shoe since the Ride 8. This series of shoe has went through a lot of hits and misses since then, and I feel Saucony is back on track with this model.

When you first put your foot into this shoe the best way to describe it is no pressure anywhere. The shoe seems to just wrap and contour how you want it, while keeping the materials simple and effective. I am susceptible to some pressure on the pinky toe and I did not feel any of that during my runs. If I could give one critique of the fit it would be slightly more midfoot wrap as it seemed to loosen up a bit more than I would like during my run. Maybe its the laces? Overall the fit is going to contend with the best of them in this category. Great update.


Keith: The toebox is a pretty standard fit. Nothing about it bothered my foot and the double layer mesh is nice and light. The tongue connects right into the inside layer of mesh and creates a nice consistent wrap from the midfoot forward. The midfoot fit is phenomenal!! I feel like this is where FormFit has been trying to get to all along. It seems simple, but the two straps that the laces run through help snug the shoe into the perfect supportive position. It also helps the shoe feel locked down and ready to rip! The way the heel cradles the foot adds to a great fit as it really feels like your foot sits in it rather than on top of it. It gives me confidence that my foot and ankle are supported and helps me feel surefooted with every step. 

The cushioning of the Ride has always made it a favorite of mine. It is cushioned enough for longer miles, yet still firm enough to make it a little peppier than some of its competitors. In the Ride 15, Saucony managed to really up that cushioning aspect without losing the responsiveness that I look for AND they made it lighter!

The shoe slightly longer than the Ride 14, but the improved midfoot fit still makes my natural size feel comfortable, and my toes are happy with a little added room.


Ken: The cushioning in this shoe filled a big gap in mid level neutral cushion shoes right now. Most are just getting softer and softer. Soft is great but to only a certain extent. Too soft can make you feel like the energy is being sucked out of every step. This is not the case with the Ride 15. Saucony found a way to keep the midsole simple and not over engineer it like it did in the past. The PWRRUN foam has great bounce while staying in that non-super foam realm of shoes. The cushioning did not have any weird pressure points in the heel or ball of the foot. It seemed to be smooth all the way throughout. I did not do a long term test on these but it did seem that this cushioning could handle the miles well guarding against fast break down in the cushioning. Yes, I felt this shoe ran true to size.



Ken: I had no issues with it feeling unstable. The combination of the responsive foam with the geometries of the whole sole gave you a great platform to land on.


Keith: The way the midsole wraps up around the foot makes it feel very stable and balanced. The combination of substantial heel cushioning and the added snugness in the midfoot really helps to support the arch and rear part of the foot up into the ankle. 


Ken: This shoe made me feel safe in my run. What does that mean? It made me feel confident in grabbing this shoe for any mileage I felt like doing that day. I knew I wasn't going to break any records in this shoe, but I did know that my run would be comfortable. I didn't have to think about it on my foot. The transition from heel to toe in this shoe was very smooth. If Saucony keeps this "ride" up in some of their other models they will have a consistent winner with the customer.


Keith: The Ride 15 came right out of the box for a 12-miler at a pretty brisk pace. I immediately noticed how cushy, yet light, they were. The miles bounced by easily and my feet were happy all the way through and into the next day when I was able to double-up with another 12 miles. I loved the feel of the upgraded PWRRUN cushioning but it left me a little worried about how they would perform for speedwork, until I set out on some 5k pace intervals and felt the familiar pep in my step. After 75 miles across a dozen or so runs I feel like this shoe is at home on any run, which makes it easy to reach for anytime I'm heading out the door.


Ken: I would say zone 2 heart rate mileage and long runs. Anything faster and I personally would have a lighter shoe for that. If this is your only shoe you run though, it is definitely a good "do it all" option.


Keith: This is a true daily trainer and I find myself reaching for it no matter what run is on the docket! I have been comfortable up to 20 miles in this shoe, never wishing for more cushion or support. It also performed well during my speedwork sessions and tempo runs. If I had to live with only one running shoe, I would strongly consider this one for its versatility!


Ken: This shoe would be similar to the Brooks Ghost 14, New Balance 880V11 or V12, and Mizuno Wave Rider 25. If I had to say its slightly firmer than all of these shoes but I would not consider that a bad thing.

Keith: I feel like the Ride 15 kept its edge over some of the other mid-cushion options on the market by remaining light and responsive, but with the added cushion it becomes a more direct competitor to shoes like the Brooks Ghost 14, New Balance 880v11, Nike Pegasus, Hoka Clifton 8, and Diadora Mythos Blushield Volo.



Ken: I referenced it above, but this shoe has been very inconsistent in fit and cushioning for many years. It is hard to pinpoint how it compares to predecessors because of that. It is also hard to establish a loyal fan base when that happens. I think Saucony recognizes this now and hopes to continue this model forward with a more consistent fan base.

Keith: The Ride 15 revamp has pushed this shoe to a new level. The Ride 14 and previous versions occupied this space between lightweight trainers and mid-cushion all-rounders. This update makes it a definite contender in the every day run stable. Everything about it from the fit to the cushion improvement makes this shoe a premium daily trainer. One major improvement I've noticed is increased durability of the outsole rubber. Now this shoe feels more comfortable for longer runs and holds up better to increased mileage. 




Ken: This shoe is for the neutral runner training for a 5k all the way to a marathon. Can be great for small to med/large size body types. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a great simple training shoe that will get the job done.

Keith: This shoe is great for every level of runner. Beginners will appreciate the comfort and cushion of them and experienced runners will love that they are a lightweight option that can give them support and hold up to tons of miles.



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37 year old
Wears men's size 11
Running has always been a part of my life. When I was younger it was mainly a way to stay in shape for soccer; running track in the off-season was a way to train hard and stay competitive. I liked it, but it wasn't until my first marathon in my late 20's that I really fell in love with running. Since then I have completed 7 marathons and a 50 mile ultra while also competing in countless 5k, 10k, and half-marathon races. I enjoy running just about anywhere except the treadmill. I prefer trails in the woods to the road and my favorite spot is the Corsair Trail System in the Huron National Forest near East Tawas, MI. I also frequent the many trails we have in Southeast Michigan. I currently work at Running Lab and have worked there for a total of just over 2 years. My favorite thing about running is that it can be super competitive yet the running community is so supportive of each other.


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39 year old
Wears men's size 9
I have 20 years of experience in the athletic shoe industry. I have worked for Dicks Sporting Goods in my early days, I was a sales rep for New Balance in the running specialty division, and have owned my run shop Running Lab for 10 years in Brighton, MI. I find myself enjoying mountain biking lately, but have been running since I was 12. I have completed distances from 5k all the way to Ironman. I enjoy the challenge of helping customers find the perfect shoe for their particular stride or needs!



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