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Topo Cyclone

Topo Cyclone

Topo Cyclone has just dropped at Running Lab. What did our two wear testers think after their run? Find out what Jen & Dave had to say here.

Topo Cyclone Outside

Topo Athletic is a brand that is a hidden gem in the running industry. If you are not familiar with Topo Athletic, they are a brand that has been designing footwear that honor the shape of your foot since 2013.

The Topo Cyclone is their latest release that is sure to be a favorite shoe for those that appreciate a responsive shoe with sound cushioning.

SUPPORT: Neutral
WEIGHT: 6.4oz women's/7.9oz men's
USE: Road Running, Racing
SURFACE: Road, track

Topo Cyclone



Jen's take on fit was positive.
Runs true to size (I usually wear a 7.5 or 8 & wear tested a size 8 in the Cyclone). The toebox is perfect for my foot, not sloppy and the upper 1 layer mesh does not feel baggy. The cushioning under the midfoot is firm but you can feel some responsiveness throughout your stride. The heel counter is not firm and not cushioned, however, the fabric around the heel counter is similar to a soft suede which holds your heel in place. I like the flair in the back to prevent pressure on the Achilles. The tongue stays in place with two loops for the laces at the top.

Dave's experience was quite different.
The toe box was luxurious. Loved the ample space Topo provides. Upper and tongue were well designed. I expected my feet to get cold with this thin upper, but had no issues with my go-to SmartWool socks. I expected to love the heel & back of the shoe, but the shape landed just wrong on my Achilles creating unpleasant hotspots. The sizing felt about 1/2 size too big for me, but tighter lacing didn't seem to help.

Topo Cyclone



Even though the Cyclone is a neutral shoe it feels nice & stable. It offers a feel of confidence under your foot with the wide last around the forefoot. That wide last makes it feel nice and stable. This design allows the foot to naturally splay out. 



We'd recommend this shoe up to the half marathon range. It would be great for those who want to PR in a 5k or 10k. It is also well suited for tempo and/or speed days.

Topo Cyclone



Jen thought the Cyclone comparable to the Saucony Kinvara, Altra Escalante Racer, and Topo Zephyr. Dave was reminded of the Saucony Freedom, but with a more stable sole.



This is the first version of the Cyclone. For those who have ran in the Topo Zephyr, the Cyclone will be very similar to that model but it lacks the plastic stability plate that is wedged between the zip foam and the EVA midsole. The upper will be much lighter than the Zephyr as well allowing for more breathability.

Topo Cyclone



Jen: The Cyclone would be a great option for someone looking for a firm yet responsive shoe. I have ran 30 miles in them so far with miles ranging from a 5k, a 4 mile speed workout on the treadmill and two 10 mile runs around Kensington Metropark. The shoe felt great for all distances. The light upper and the roomy toe-box design allows for a natural feel. I get excited every time I put them on. I would highly recommend the Cyclone for anyone with a neutral gait.

Dave: I love the style of these shoes. They are light weight and pretty stable. The shape of the toe box is fantastic. It provides the width to keep me comfortable and does it without adding any unnecessary length. Traction was excellent - I ran a couple of times on very wet pavement and never felt any slippage. My only hesitation is the heel shape. It hit me wrong and led to hotspots after 4 miles or so (left foot one day, and right another). Consider sizing down 1/2 size.




39 year old
Wears women's size 8
I have been working in the running specialty industry for over 6 years. My love for running began in 2002 while I was in college. My sister asked me to run the last 6 miles with her at the Detroit Free Press Marathon and after being apart of that emotional experience with her I was hooked. The following year I ran my first full marathon. Running has taken me to many places around the US and the world. I enjoy trail running the most but I also enjoy finding my way around a new town by hitting the streets. My favorite thing about running is getting outdoors in nature and pushing myself to new limits.


48 year old
Wears men's size 13
I've been running since 2015 and in that time have completed 13 marathons and too many half marathons to count. I'm working my way through the world marathon majors with just Tokyo to go scheduled for March '22. My favorite thing about running is surrounding myself with friends that are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and bringing healthy uplifting attitudes to the sport. My favorite places to train are Kensington and Mackinac Island. Both are beautiful 8ish mile scenic paths. If forced to choose, I'd pick the one with the fudge shops.


  1. Steve Speirs Steve Speirs

    Thanks for the review. Still trying to break mine in. 30+ miles at the moment, but they feel more "slappy" than I was expecting. No issues with the heel, but the arch area seems a bit narrower than a typical Topo shoe.

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