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Topo Ultrafly 4

Topo Ultrafly 4

 Topo Athletic's Ultrafly 4 received a nice update to not only to improve the light stability that the shoe offers while improving the running experience by having their signature ZipFoam™ for the midsole. The upper features a recycled engineered mesh and their signature roomy toe box. See what our wear tester Joe had to say about this update.

SUPPORT: Light Stability
WEIGHT: 9.6 oz
USE: Everyday running, walking


Joe: I found the toebox of the Ultrafly 4 to be roomy and spacious, while the midfoot and heel cup snugged up against my foot to provide a secure fit for both runs and casual wear at work. The length of the Ultrafly 4 is true to size, my toes didn't feel cramped or like they were swimming in the foot-shaped toebox. I found the upper and tongue to be extremely comfortable; the recycled engineered mesh (bonus points for sustainability!) is breathable, allowing my feet to not overheat in the hot and humid Michigan summer air.

The ZipFoam midsole provides a lightweight, firm cushion. My preference is for lower drop shoes, and I found the 5mm heel drop to provide the right amount of added cushion.



Joe: I primarily run in neutral shoes, so I wasn't sure how my feet and ankles would respond to the light stability offered by the Ultrafly 4, but after 50+ miles, I'm finding I appreciate the slight guidance the TPU heel counter and EVA medial posting offer for my feet. Because of this, the Ultrafly 4 has become one of my regular go-to shoes for recovery day runs or wearing at work after a long run or long workout the day before.



Joe:I was pleasantly surprised throughout my running experience in the Topo Ultrafly 4 (50+ miles currently). Before trying it on, I thought it would feel heavy and over corrective, but the more I wear it both running, and as a casual work shoe, I’m finding the light stability offering the little bit of extra support I’m looking for throughout the day.



Joe: While I am primarily using the Ultrafly 4 for shorter, recovery runs, I do believe it has the versatility to be used for easy runs, tempo runs, and longer speed workouts. While I have found it doesn't have the smoothest toeoff, the ligthweight, responsive nature of the ZipFoam makes it feel like you don't even have a shoe on your foot.



Joe: The closest comparisons to the Ultrafly 4 would be the Altra Provision and Altra Paradigm. Compared to the Altra models, the Ultrafly 4 offers the slight added cushion of a 5mm heel drop, while the ZipFoamTM midsole is slightly more firm and less flexible.



Joe: I have not run in previous versions of the Ultrafly.



Joe: I would recommend this shoe for individuals who slightly pronate, as the TPU heel counter and EVA medial posting the Ultrafly provides some support, but are not overbearing. I would also recommend this shoe for runners with a neutral gait who are looking for a good recovery day shoe that can provide a little extra support for their feet throughout a run or day at work.


Keith blog pic

Wears men's size 12.5D
I've been actively running over 15 years at a variety of levels. I typically run on pavement, but am working to expand my running experiences to dirt roads and trails so that I can keep up with my (not so) crazy Ultra-Running coworkers. My favorite things about running are the ability to improve each time you lace up your shoes, and the opportunities it allows us to see the beautiful world that surrounds us as we meet incredible and inspiring people along the way.


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